3 years from now, how to face the giant solar storm!

​Only eight years ago, while humanity was emerging from solar storms, a fresh Earth-directed solar storm was already brewing!

Solar storm outbreak is the critical point of the solar activity cycle, but at the same time, the scientists found that the sun flux has been declining, it is because we since about a week ago, all the large satellites are now turned to the far side of the sun, so the X ray flux in the fall, we now return to the peak in the 90 s, we have dropped below three digits, So there was a bit of an impact on radio transmission on the Earth Day side, which may have been a minor issue as well, especially when that big solar storm eventually hit Earth, which could have caused more problems during the day as our solar flux dropped a bit, unfortunately, it was just the calm before the storm!

Dozens of satellites have really fallen back to Earth in the last few weeks due to solar storms, and on the 25th and 26th of last month, Musk's satellite was hit by a rapid solar wind from an extended coronal hole, but now we're back to a steady state, nearly calm, but be prepared, Because we do have an Earth-pointing giant solar storm in 2025, but it's brewing right now, and because it's forming so slowly, it makes it difficult to predict when it will arrive and how strong it will be, but eventually it will hit Earth.39bet-đua chó-game giải trí -đá gà-đá gà trực tuyến-đánh bài

According to NASA, this is a huge storm, so it could last for quite some time. And if you look closely with an instrument like a telescopic projector or a sunspot viewer, you can see bright and dark areas on the sun's surface. If you look more closely, you can even notice a lot of dark spots on the sun's surface. The Sun is made up solely of hot plasma, hydrogen and helium are so huge that all the fission reactions that take place inside the Sun produce so much energy, and the byproduct helium creates so much pressure inside that it causes the sun to spew out charged particles, a phenomenon known as the solar wind.

Sunspots are the product of intense magnetic activity, and these regions are considerably cooler and dimmer than the rest of the Sun, and of course, even at cooler temperatures, they are 10 times brighter than the moon. The sun rotates quickly, but because gas is lighter, the speed of the gas at the equator is extremely steep, therefore, when the current in magnetic field lines twist and turns, the plasma current can lead to distortion and rotation, the magnetic field lines as it twisted to a certain degree, can lead to plasma with the magnetic field lines form a starting a sunspot to the other end of the sunspot cycle, These are exactly the points where these magnetic fields are generated.

As the magnetic field circulates, the plasma travels with the magnetic field and moves closer and closer together as this line at the sunspot, spreading out and breaking up to form two magnetic fields, the main magnetic field inside the sun's surface, also known as the corona, and the magnetic field away from the sun. A solar flare is made up of charge and radiation as well as its own magnetic field, so it is considerably fewer enormous and can travel close to the speed of light, so it will reach Earth in the time it takes for the sun's rays to leak to Earth, which is about eight to nine minutes.

Less intense solar flares and solar winds, which are easily shielded by the planet's magnetic field, are easily redirected to the poles, producing the lovely Aurora borealis phenomenon, which forms as high-speed charged particles from the sun collide with various gases in the atmosphere, releasing energy in the form of different colors of light. Similar phenomena can be observed on different planets, like those in Jupiter's atmosphere today. Humans are protected from solar flares thanks to the Earth's magnetic field lines, but solar flares get even more intense, and larger ones, called solar storms or coronal mass ejections, reach their maximum, and when they hit the Earth, they can cause a global blackout.

As early as September 1, 1859, the Earth was hit by a strong geomagnetic storm. Because of this, numerous people could notice the aurora in the area near the equator. ​Numerous telegraph lines were induced by strong large currents, so numerous lines were destroyed. Some telegraph operators could even use a telegraph without even connecting it to a battery. The whole affair lasted two days and is known to history as the Carrington Affair. Scientist Richard Carrington, along with fellow scientist Richard Watson, mapped the sunspots and coronal mass ejections produced by solar flares. That's when we reach the maximum of the solar cycle, which cycles every 11 years, and 2025 is the next critical year.

cbaafd793bd64f42266da6b507cda314We mentioned earlier that when these storms or coronal mass ejections hit Earth, it only took about 17.6 hours to get from the sun to Earth, and they interfere with the magnetosphere, and when high-intensity solar storms or coronal mass ejections hit Earth's magnetic field, they are called geomagnetic storms. The magnetic field opposite the sun is elongated, and the Earth's elongated magnetic field causes the magnetic field to rewire, which then introduces plasmonic particles, also known as charged particles, and the swarm of particles projected toward the Earth is collectively known as the plastic sheet. These particles then interact with Earth's atmosphere to create auroras.

The magnetic field of the CME can interact with electrical equipment and cause high-power currents to be drawn into the power grid because of anomalies in the magnetic field. Strong currents flowing through the grid can cause large currents to melt and burn through. ​Numerous transformers will explode, most areas will be subject to collapse due to limited availability of electrical equipment and will remain without power until new transformers are built, thus 20May 25 experience a period of no power.

But specialized manufacturers can take more than 12 months to make these transformers. For people who rely solely on the Internet, this is a disaster. Because we depend on electricity, everything from doing laundry to watching TV shows requires electricity. In fact, numerous industries need electricity, from the IT industry to various manufacturing industries depend on electricity, without which numerous industries would be paralyzed, all of which could lead to market collapse and economic crisis,

Geomagnetic storms can interrupt satellite communications with Earth. The sudden buildup of electrical charge can seep into the satellite's electronics and cause damage. ​Occasionally it changes the signal output of electronic devices, causing errors. Some mistakes can be repaired, but if the higher the strength of the wind or storm may cause irreparable damage, is located in a higher orbit satellite is more vulnerable to the effects of solar storms. Recently, about 40 stalling satellites have been placed in low earth orbit, loss due to a solar storm track and destroyed after failure. This shows that solar storms can reach low Earth orbit, and the damage to satellites also means that communications and navigation will be disrupted. 2025, perhaps not so quiet!

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