5 thoughts on “How to send a circle of friends after buying a gold bracelet?”

  1. I suggest that the original poster should not post it. No matter what, the landlord always takes a photo of the bracelet? People will see it, as if you say what you say clearly, others will feel that you are showing off and you will be angry. You do n’t know, let people see your new bracelets, people will think that you are Versailles, it ’s even worse, so I suggest that the landlord do n’t send a circle of friends. This is not good. Isn't it more important to be comfortable with the bracelet? Why let others know? Isn't it better to be low -key? What do the original poster think?

  2. If you want to send a circle of friends, you can send a photo of a golden bracelet, so that others do not know what it is installed inside. Otherwise, as long as you expose the gold bracelet, then it is not low -key.

  3. Generally, the circle of friends will not be more low -key, so that there will be no extreme things, otherwise it will definitely make people feel that you are showing off and feel that your character is not good, so it is recommended to save it, otherwise it will be stolen.

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