Introduction to Lanzhou Yiwu Commercial City

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  1. Lanzhou Yiwu Commercial City's first and second phase of mall facilities, complete functions, and complete supporting facilities. Yiwu Commercial City, as the leading enterprise of Lanzhou small commodities wholesale and retail, mainly operates: food, dry fresh, tea; washing makeup, ethnic supplies; daily necessities, festivals; office/cultural supplies, toys; life/hardware appliances, audiovisual; Family textiles, clothing, shoes; curtain fabrics; luggage and leather, craft gifts, and other nine categories of hundreds of thousands of products. The operators of the mall come from 82 cities in 18 provinces across the country, of which 41%of merchants in the southeast coastal areas accounted for 41%of the total merchants, and more than 5,100 employees were resolved to benefit hundreds of thousands of families.
    1993, Yiwu and relevant parties of Lanzhou signed a contract to develop and build Lanzhou Yiwu Commercial City. Since then, the small commodity city of China has begun to open up the prelude to the central and western regions.
    I. As the organizer of Yiwu Market, China Small Commodity City Group Corporation aims to enhance the radiation of China's small commodity city, and take the lead in proposing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding market development space. Lanzhou Yiwu Commercial City, China Small Commodity City Jianyang Branch Market, and Guangyuan Branch and many other large -scale markets have played a leading role in the expansion of the small commodity city in China. Its forms include holding, shares, cooperation, etc., and investment elements include funds, talents, information, intangible assets, etc. China Small Commodity City Industrial and Commercial Management has used many years of market management experience to establish a number of sub -markets in Rumuqi, Harbin and other places. In these sub -markets, Lanzhou Yiwu Commercial City has become one of the most influential wholesale markets in the northwest; the Guangyuan Branch of the China Small Commodity City, as one of the cooperation projects in Zhejiang Province to support the central and western regions, has aroused the responsibility of senior management in Sichuan and Zhejiang Provinces. Human importance.

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