Is it safe to send the courier for gold rings?

5 thoughts on “Is it safe to send the courier for gold rings?

  1. It can be sent. If it is very expensive, you can choose to keep the price. The insured cargo courier company implements a signing operation. In the case of intact signing, the goods cannot be replaced. After the goods are insured, if there is a problem, the courier company will follow the place according to the office. The insured payable. Hope to adopt ~

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the gold ring to send couriernThe gold ring can express. For domestic emails, gold and silver are prohibited, but gold and silver jewelry, such as ring and necklace can be mailing, but they must be packed for sale. Some places may ask you to provide you with an invoice to prove the legitimate source of SF. You can mail the gold bracelet.nHowever, it is better to mail it with EMS with EMS. When you mail gold, it is best to match the packaging or jewelry box by yourself, so as not to damage during the delivery process, but you need to buy an additional insurance price.nCan I send a ring to the United States?nAnswernCan. Gold jewelry is not a embargo. But too much is suspected of smuggling. As long as the appropriate amount is available for express delivery and logistics with international express business.nQuestion Post Express, right?nAnswer yesn[Bi Xin]nCan be sentnIf the amount is not largenMore 9nBleak

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