The company's year will engage in a garden meeting. What small games are suitable for individuals, there are prizes ...

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  1. The planning scheme is very simple, mainly time, content, detail decoration, boring, and personnel, which are basically complete to write clearly, but I think the most important time is a lottery. How to play games is more important. The game, and the lottery method, you can learn from it! If you need an amusement equipment,

    It suggest that you can search for leisurely toys, and there are many company activities, you can find out!

    Thisy said that these games can be played as a unit of each table:
    1. Grab stool props: stool (several)
    (One of them is a shouting person who does not participate in the competition.)
    The game rules: The game starts to make the stool round first (calculated by the number of participants, that is, 7 people put 7 people), and then the participants surrounded the outside of the stool to form a one in one one. In the circle, when the host knocks on the drum or puts the music, the participants
    are running along the circular clockwise or counterclockwise (be careful not to cut in line). When the drums or music stop Under the stool deeds, because there is one less stool, one person will not have a stool deed. Even if this person is eliminated, then one of the stools should be reduced, and the rest will continue to play until the last one is left. Even if you win. The winner gives rewards.

    2. Drumming and flowering props: Drums or music, flowers
    participants: collective
    game rules: Participants are first surrounded, when drummers start drumming, flowers flowers It started to pass. When the drum stopped, whoever spent, whoever spent, is the "lucky person", to perform the show. After the performance, the flower started from this "luckyman", and the show was based on this.

    3. Shooting machine
    The participants: collective
    game rules: shooting machine points system, maximum divided into win, these game devices should be searched locally, must be The kind of shot machine to score, so that the score can be displayed

    4. Sumo
    The effect of entertainment, how do you play? You can do a relay game, a few people in a team, a relay stick game, what is unlimited in your hand, let your brain hole open! Hahahaha
    The annual game show spoof, how do people play more? Youyou has already told you. You can make a reference for these activities. It is generally good to hold three four game programs in the annual meeting, but you need to prepare a few more preparation programs to avoid other games ends in advance, cold field or something!

    This Lucky lottery method:
    1. A mobile phone number is announced on the spot. After the host starts, everyone dial at the same time to see who can get the prize first.

    2, the one, two, three, fourth, fifth prizes and other awards are placed in 30 balloons and filled the air to make them hang in the air, and then each person chooses to choose A balloon with a balloon with a lot of vouchers, the lucky ones won the prize. In order to increase the atmosphere of on -site viewing, some colorful paper can be added inside.

    In the picture is too beautiful, and is still planning to break the head for the annual meeting. The middle game can use some amusement equipment to activate the scene, shooting machine or doll machine, the doll machine can grab other other in the doll machine. Things are also very good.

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