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  1. There are many types of sick sentence questions, but what kind of question type is the type of familiar? The following is what are the types of the sick sentences that I have compiled for everyone, for everyone to read!

    [Example 1] (2008 Hunan Zhuzhou Title) There is no sentence in the following sentences ().
    A. The quality of machine quality is an important condition for ensuring production safety.
    B. The teachers of several schools exchanged opinions about the question of him.
    C. Building a long, strail, and Tan economic cooperation circle is a major strategic decision in Hunan.
    D. In order to facilitate the agricultural development of the mountain area, it is necessary to carry out the observation of the mountain areas. [Example 2] (2008 Beijing Mentougou Questions) The correct modification of the following disease sentences is ()
    A. Whether to read more is one of the ways to improve a person's Chinese literacy.
    modified: remove the "one".
    B. Although Liu Xiang is talented in the column, there is also exceptional to aesthetic aspects.
    modified: change "although" to "not only".
    C. At the Shanghai Auto Show, domestic cars are constantly emerging.
    modified: delete "constant".
    D. It is a major and urgent to strengthen the ideological and moral construction of minors.
    modified: add "task" at the end of the sentence. [Analysis] Example 1 requires candidates to find a sentence without speech disease. When answering, you need to study sentence by sentence, combining the usual accumulated sick sentence modification knowledge, and analyze whether there is a language disease. The "good or bad" and "guarantee safety" in items A belong to the "two -to -one". The "teachers of several schools" in item B are ambiguous. The correct answer is D. Example 2 is also a choice of disease sentence questions, but the proposition method is different from the example 1. The four options are all diseased sentences, and a modification solution is required to find the incorrect modification of the disease sentence. The correct answer is A. The modification method of this sentence is to remove "whether".
    . The statement type
    [Example 3] (2008 Dalian in Liaoning) Draw the horizontal line in the place where you think there is a speech, and write a modification opinion in parentheses.
    At the party of love and righteousness, the famous people in the cultural world sang a moving singing voice. () [Example 4] (2008 Sichuan Leshan Question) Correct the following sentence, please write the correct sentence directly on the horizontal line.
    In the Wenchuan earthquake, we have a new understanding of our lives. [Example 5] (2008 in Jining in Shandong) The following sentences have a disease disease and corrected on the original sentence.
    ① Whether it can promote quality education is one of the conditions for ensuring the healthy growth of young people.
    ② This meeting stipulates that each speaker's speaker is up to 30 minutes. [Analysis] These three questions are modified questions of statement -type disease sentences. The sentences in such test questions have been clearly ill. Therefore, there is no need to distinguish whether sentences have symptoms. Just modify them as required. The proposition method of the three test questions is slightly different. There are two requirements for example 3: one is to draw the horizontal line in the place where there is a speech, and the other is to write a modification opinion in parentheses; the requirements of the example 4 are "directly writing the correct sentence on the horizontal line"; Example 5 requirements "Correction on the original sentence" should be modified as required. Therefore, when answering questions, read the answer requirements carefully to avoid non -ability errors. Reference Answer: Example 3: Replace "Singing" with "Song" and change "sound" to "song" to remove "sound". Example 4: After the Wenchuan earthquake, we have a new understanding of life. Or: The Wenchuan earthquake gives us a new understanding of life. Example 5: ① Delete "Can" ② Delete "most" or "not exceed".
    three, language segment type
    [Example 6] (2008 Chongqing City Question) There are language diseases at the following lines. Please correct it.
    The life is not as expensive and low. ① Although we are small, we must let ourselves know that "I am important." To our parents, we are the guarantee of their old age; ② To friends, we are their hearts. Don't look at yourself at any time, dare to say "I am important", ③ so that your life will enter a new page. Let's raise our heads, ④ The creatures on our countless beautiful planets announce loudly -I am important!
    (1) The words at the ① at the ① The words that should be deleted are
    (2) The ingredients are incomplete at the end of the sentence. If you add
    (3) to ③ improperly, the
    (4) is not properly adjusted, and it should be adjusted to
    [Analysis] Example 6 belongs to the prompt modification questions. The test questions are proposed in the test questions. Candidates can just answer questions as required. There are also only one language paragraph that requires candidates to discover the sick sentences themselves and modify them. This type of question type is slightly more difficult. Reference answer: (1) delete "should" or "must"; (2) add "object" (or "person") at the end of the sentence; (3) change "walking" to "open" , Or change the "one page" to "heaven and earth" (you can conform to); (4) "countless" should be placed in front of the "creature".
    [Method Summary]
    In from above, it can be seen from above. By identifying the cause, it is only the first step. The modification of the sick sentence is based on the principle of changing the smoothness and correctness. There are four commonly used methods for modifying the sick sentences: the incompleteness of the ingredients of the sentence, increasing; improper or unable to match, tuned; ingredients are extravagant, deleted; improper words, replace.
    The question type exercises of the sick sentence 1. In the following sentences, the clear sentence is ()
    A. Panasonic, the thickness of the new product of Panasonic, gives people a visual experience, is not like Sony Company In this product, there is a slightly thinner illusion than the actual thickness.
    B. The U.S. government said that it still supports a strong dollar, but in the end, it is only to take decisive measures. Economists' views on this.
    C. The representatives of the World AIDS Conference were the director of China Central Television and the director of the Oriental TV Station. The president of Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV was also invited to attend the meeting.
    D. The murderer tragedy that happened in ordinary families also had an irreplaceable and discussing discussion among relatives. To say that Xiaoli's mother did not love her family, no one could believe it.
    2. In the following sentences, there is no sentence of speech disease ()
    A. This newspaper's article "There is no nursery gardener", which reports that a substitute teacher in Haiyuan County, Ningxia only pays only 50 yuan per month. , Without the school building, squeezing out a touching deed of a house to hold school.
    B. Ancient anthropologist Jia Lanpo's early and recent major archeological discoveries hosted by the State Cultural Relics Bureau showed that the natural corridor of the Yongding River was "the route of ancient human movement".
    C. The path of invading the cold wave of our country is not the same time. It depends on which part of the cold air in the Arctic and Siba is the highest. Which part of my country is determined by the lowest air pressure in China.
    D. In this ethnic group, various ethnic sports competitions were held, mainly horse racing, wrestling, flower cannon, racing songs, etc. The colorful competitions were warmly welcomed by guests.
    3. The sentence of the following sentences in each sentence is ()
    A. If some major powers do not change their arrogant attitude when dealing with international problems, then it is difficult for no one to predict whether the world is in this world. There will be a peaceful day.
    B. It aims to cultivate the patriotic and passionate moral education punch system for primary and secondary school students. Due to the problems of some units and individuals, the phenomenon of "walking" is indeed sighing.
    C. Driven by national hatred, although the conflict between the conflict, although the international community has been mediation many times, the tense situation not only has not been eased, but has intensified.
    D. Usually, before the surgery of patients with brain tumors, doctors need to obtain a scanning image of their brain in order to determine the location of the tumor and understand the condition of the blood vessels near the tumor.
    . There is no sentence in the following sentences. ()
    A. The expert group of the Ministry of Health According to the results of clinical manifestations and laboratory examinations and epidemiological surveys, the patient was diagnosed with infectious and atypical pneumonia. Suspected cases.
    B. Now, I have seen the folks who have been around for many years. Then I have lived in the stones and that huts made of huts unique to the mountains that I have been used to.
    C. The reason why the "English Broadcast Lecture" can give me a lot of help, I think combining lectures and exercises is its outstanding advantage.
    D. The price of domestic cars is low, which is suitable for the people's acceptance. Like the "urban Beibei" market, the unified price is only 60,800 yuan, "Ingel" is 68,800 yuan, and the new "Santana" is only a dozen. About 10,000 yuan.
    5. In the following sentences, there is no speech disease ()
    A. Some people think that scientists are buried in scientific research all day. It is best to explain.
    B. Various penalties of government law enforcement departments must be paid in accordance with law, and they cannot be used for self -use. The source of their funds can only come from the national finance appropriation.
    C. At dusk, standing at the top of the mountain and looking at it, I saw a light flashing light in the water and sky, where the well -known tourist destinations at home and abroad -Dongpingzhuang, the ancient town of Shuixiang.
    D. Many primary schools now allow students to drink water, go to the toilet, and even intervene in the teacher's lectures. These have always been corrected as violating discipline.
    6. In the following sentences, there is no phrase of the speech ()
    A. Manchester City Football Team must prevent Manchester United's "horrible left wing" heavy responsibility. Dunn can't, Belmadi can't do it, Wright? Felipus is even more important, only Sun Jihai.
    B. The resident agencies of the Supervision Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection should take the responsibilities of strengthening supervision as the first place, effectively strengthen the supervision of leading cadres, and prevent power out of control, decision mistakes, and misconduct.
    C. As the technical level is too low, the quality of these products is not lower than similar products in coastal areas, or higher cost than coastal.
    D. The editorial board of the "Language Dictionary", in order to make the dictionary have high quality, is the compilation of the three spring and autumn of the cultivation.
    7. In the following sentences, there is no sentence of language disease ()
    A. In the era of the commodity economy today, when poetry is lost but glory in the past and gradually stays away from us, reading such a pure and pure purity It is a rare spiritual enjoyment that urges people to move forward.
    B. The development of all things has been promoted with ambush and waves. This is determined by the internal contradictions of things and various external influences of nature and society.
    C. The language of literary works is not in the use of a lot of gorgeous words, the terms of a certain industry, but in its words.
    D. Some articles are relatively obscure. It is not to directly reveal it in the text that understands Xiaochang, but to use some kind of rhetorical means or expression to describe it implicitly.
    8. In the following news titles, a clear semantic sentence is ()
    A. The relatives of hundreds of deaths attended the grand funeral
    B. There are slight rising
    C. Teachers' Day teachers hope that students will not give gifts to send blessings
    D. This is a photo of the famous model Sun Yan in November 2002
    9. In the following sentences One of the symptoms of language is ()
    A. "Northeast sketches are on fire!" When you fully understand the sketches and effects of Liaoning comedians such as Zhao Benshan and Pan Changjiang, you can grasp the profound and wide connotation of this sentence Essence
    B. He is a wealthy information tabloid as a editor -in -chief of his hometown. After being printed every month, in less than an hour, hundreds of tabloids were asked by the fellow villagers.
    C. The equipment manufacturing level of Liaoning Old Industrial Base and the quality of the technical team fully reflected through the dashboard on the Shenzhou spacecraft.
    D. He is doing things seriously and sincerely. In life and work, he does shape his huge personality with his own actions to move and guide the people around him.
    10. One of the following sentences in each sentence is ()
    A. Due to the strengthening of the ecological environment monitoring in the production process, the production volume of non -public vegetables in this base, except for supplying the main market of the province's major markets in the province, Outside, it is also sold to Henan, Hebei and other provinces.
    B. The fragmented context caused by abuse of foreign language not only destroys the rigor and harmony of Chinese language, affects the performance of Chinese wattic functions, but also eliminates the profound and rich connotation of Chinese culture.
    C. The flowers, leaves, and fruits of pheasant pepper contain aroma oil. The citizens extracted from the oil are inseparable from the main raw materials of edible flavors and cosmetics flavors.
    D. Different from the writers, the photographers did not pour their feelings about mountains, grass and trees, cities, and rural areas, but directly focused on the camera.
    11. There is no sentence in the following sentences. ()
    A. The education of children is a complex process. It is far from one or two sentences that can work.
    B. Intellectuals generally have a wide range of vision and sense of justice. The glory and disgrace of the nation and the prosperity of the country often stimulate their feelings of reporting the country.
    C. We have an important meeting around the middle of this month, so we must prepare it now.
    D. After the earthquake, the local government and the PLA troops were fully rescued. At present, the people in the disaster area have lived in temporary tents to prevent the resurrection of aftershocks from happening again.
    12. In the following sentences, there is no sentence of speech disease ()
    A. The new district court has concluded the case recently. And more than 3,000 yuan for litigation.
    B. The United States adjusted the visa policy in 2003, stipulating that the application time for applying for a study visa should be carried out within 3 months to 2 weeks before the school starts.
    C. A recent social survey shows that many online games have violent plots and pornographic content, which will undoubtedly seriously affect the physical and mental health of young people.
    D. Faced with five American teams with NBA players, the Chinese team was not timid. The whole game was as powerful as a rainbow, and eventually defeated the opponent with a three -point advantage.
    1 13. One of the following sentences in each sentence is ()
    A. Focusing on the goal of "increasing the income" of "farmers", the credit cooperative strongly supports the development of rural economic economy, focusing on characteristic, high quality, 2. Technical farmers are preferred to issue loans.
    B. As the communication becomes more developed, mobile phones have almost become an indispensable necessity for everyone, but after the increase in usage, there are more and more complaints about mobile phones.
    C. After joining the WTO, facing strong competitors, it is undoubtedly an important measure to achieve the groupization of the cultural industry through a strong combination.
    D. To deal with the relationship between people and nature, it is necessary to rely on the power of the government, and at the same time, we must not play the irreplaceable role in public forces in public opinion mobilization, supervision and inspection.
    1 14. In the following sentences, there is no sentence of speech disease ()
    A. The quality of the investment environment, the quality of service quality, the quality of government officials, the quality of the government's economy is the healthy development of the regional economy and the healthy development. Important guarantee.
    B. According to disciplinary punishment methods, it was decided to give the team members to stop participating in the qualifications of all Class A teams this year, and fined RMB 40,000.
    C. The bronze wares that record the content of the Shan clan of the Western Zhou Dynasty. More than 40 pieces have been unearthed before these 27 bronze wares of Meixian County.
    D. After observing the trial of the law of rural business contracting contracts, the legal level of our "village officials" has been greatly improved.
    Reference answer:
    1.c (A "has an illusion that is slightly thinner than the actual thickness" refers to "Panasonic, the new product" or "Sony's product", which refers to it. There are also ambiguity. "Economist's view of this is negative", "this" refers to "just say" or "to take decisive measures", and the meaning of the sentence is unknown. D may be different. Preschool understanding- "Xiaoli's mother does not love her, no one in the family believes" and "want to say that Xiaoli's mother does not love her family, no one believes it.")
    2.a (B "... the two major archeological discoveries hosted", the sentence pattern is mixed. It should be changed to "... the two major archeological research discovery of the host" C -sentence mixed The change of method- "This depends on which part of the cold air in the Arctic and Siba is the highest, and which part of the air pressure in China is the lowest." Decided ". D is ambiguous," modifying "nation" or "sports competition", which is unknown.)
    3.c (composition is incomplete, "Driven by the conflict between the conflict" lacks predicate after being driven by national hatred. " In addition, "Although the international community has been mediation" should be moved to "the conflict between the conflict between the two parties, under the drive of national hatred ...".)
    4.a (B is "hear ..." .... "Sound", the movement of the guest is improper; the second is the disability of the ingredients. It should be supplemented in front of the "hut" made of "stones and thatch". It is changed to "because it has a prominent advantage -combining lectures and practice". During the problem, the most obvious is that the "left and right" at the end of the sentence should be deleted. It is easy to be accepted by the people. Like the uniform price of the city Beibei market is only 60,800 yuan, 'Ingle is 68,800 yuan, and the new "Santana" is only 100,000 yuan.)
    5.c ( "But" in A sentence means the turning point of the first half of the sentence, and "fact is best to explain" but acknowledge the prejudice before, it can be changed to "but it turns out that this is a prejudice" or "but the fact is to this. The best refutation of the prejudice ". Theb sentences can be changed to" its funding can only come from national financial allocation "or" their funds can only be derived from national finance ". "It has been corrected". This question combines "structural errors" and "semantic errors" in the same test question. It focuses on the actual use of language. The inspection direction has changed greatly compared with previous years. )
    6.b (A "to prevent ... the heavy task" is improper, and it can be changed to "Manchester City Football Team to defend Manchester United's" horrible left wing, Dunn can't ... "Or" Manchester City Football Team members must bear the prevention of Manchester United 'horror The heavy responsibility of the left wing, Deng En can't ... ". C "is not" improper in order, and should be moved to "quality". D repeat the burden and improper language order, which can be changed to "In order to make the dictionary have high quality, the editorial board of the" Chinese Dictionary "editor three spring and autumn". )
    7.A (B sentences are mixed, the correct statement should be "... This is determined by the internal contradictions of things and various external causes of nature and society." In other words, there are two sides of the "good or bad language of literary works", and "and" it is used in the place "." It only involves one side. The terminology of a certain industry is whether its words are used in a place. "The" main purpose ... describes ", the predicate is not proper;为"有的文章主旨比较隐晦,不是用明白晓畅的文字直接表现的,而是借用某种修辞手段或表现手法,含蓄地揭示出来的"。)rn   8.B(A有歧义, "Hundreds of" or "Depending on" or "relatives", not clear. C "do not" be "blessed" or only "giving gifts". The photos taken by others are still taken by others, which are not expressed clearly.)
    9.c (a "... the" small product acting skills and its effects "refers to "The acting skills of Liaoning comedians such as Zhao Benshan, Pan Changjiang and other Liaoning comedy actors", let "its" refers to comedian actors. B repeatable, delete "." D "shaped huge personality power" Improper matching.)
    10.b (A masterpiece is improper, and it should be changed to "the annual non -public vegetables produced in the base ..." C -sentence mixed "Open it". The sequence is improper, and it should be changed to "the photographers have poured themselves to pour their feelings about mountains, plants, cities, and rural areas.)
    11.b (A's guest is improperly matched, it should It is changed to "Educating children is a complex process ..." C means unknown, and "before and after" in "Around the middle of the middle" should be deleted. D "Yuding occurred" impossible "to prevent", in addition "Repeat it again" can be changed to "to prevent the earthquake again" or "to prevent aftershocks.)
    12.c (A is ambiguous, whether it is more than 3,000 yuan in lawsuits, or economic loss and litigation lawsuit. Features a total of more than 3,000 yuan, which is unclear; in addition, "more" and "extra" repeated "more than three thousand yuan". It can be changed to "stipulate that the visa for studying abroad should be performed within 3 to 2 weeks before the school starts." The ingredients are incomplete, "5 people with NBA play experience" stated that the team members, not the American team, so The player who should be added in front of the "American Team".)
    13.c (A. "High -quality" "" farmers ", improperly matched, B is" improperly used, can be changed to " Complaints about mobile phone quality ... "or" mobile phone quality complaints ... " The second is "indispensable" and "required" repeated, extra, d -sentences, and can be changed to "at the same time, and the irreplaceable role of civil forces in public opinion mobilization, supervision and inspection" or "at the same time Power can also play irreplaceable role in public opinion mobilization, supervision and inspection, etc. ". )

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