What did the emperor give the concubine?

Must be jewelry or something ... urgent ...

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  1. |——————————————【服饰】——————————————| 【赐予懿一品至御七品】 --薄罗长袍--撒Flower Skirt-Baihua Tie Di Skirt-Monter Tattoo Gauzen Robe-Ziru Curmine Skirt-Poor Embroidered Skin-Soft Wool Cast Flow Cloak-Sales Picking the line skirt-衿 衿 衿--相 相--相----百--缎 缎 缎 缎--------- To Sheng Jiupin]-Silk cover-chrysanthemum top-plum pattern gauze robe-pleated Ruyi Moon skirt-Xuanzi Zun Gui Skirt-Juanchang Silk embroidered long skirt-Liucai Dark Flower Cloud Jinjin Jinjin Palace-Blue Ziyuan Baiya Cloak-Royal Respecting Drag Dragon Restaurant-Golden Silk Silk Embroidered Citizen-100 Butterfly wears a flower gold silk narrow 裉 裉-blue luxurious gold wireless skirt-peony phoenix pattern rampant Huajin shirt-Emerald Sprinkle Flower Ocean Skirt Red Skin-Yellow Touring Butterfly Hundred Flower Smoke Smoke Phoenix Tail Skirt-Golden and Silver Slote Birds Chao Phoenix Embroidered Character-Golden Bai butterfly wears flowers with red ocean satin [Give to the emperor Yipin to Huang Jiupin]-Pipa Laboos-Yunyan fine brocade clothes-Gongshin Suxue Silk Skirt-Bouncing Flower Dark-patterned brocade-Playing Kimbaraka clothes -Silver red sprinkled flower big jacket-eight answers Hangchun brocade long clothes-pink brocade 100 wrinkles-gold silk wearing flower hundred wrinkles skirts-makeup satin fox folds big 氅 氅 氅 氅 氅-Tuan Butterfly Hundred Flower Smoke Smoke Phoenix Tail Skirt-Purple Fine Gauze Line Block Basefish Skirt-Flower Cuican Deloma Lily Slot Lily Skin-Monuctable Silk Green Silver Rats Gow Baihua tobacco Fangfengti Skirt-Carving Silk Gold and Silver Ruyi Mundai Saton Saton Saton Saton-Eight Tuanyou meticulous brocade silver mouse leather cloak-Yunye makeup flower satin weaving colorful fly butterfly brocade 】-Yanyun Butterfly Skirt-Wujinyun embroidered shirt-butterfly drama Aquarius skirt-Golden Swip Jin Graduate-Su Embroidery Moon Huajin Shirt-Bixia Mergly Flower Film Fold Skin Flower pure pleated skirt-picking silk double 窠 cloud geese-emerald sprinkled flower ocean skirt-soft silver light Luo lily skirt-Sixi Ruyi Yunjie Jin forging-镂 花 花 花 花 花- -In Jinbai Butterfly wears a red arrow sleeve-colorful silk flowers and long-term pommers-Shi Qingqi Eight Tuanyou Tu for Forging Gows-Countering Golden Nice Peony Pattern Shujin Yi-Peony thin water smoke Ground long skirt-Bixia Mercy Lianzhu to the peacock pattern brocade-the red ground color turtle back of Ruyi Tuanhua Jinkai [Give Zun Yipin Supreme Nine Pin] -Ruyi Yunnan shirt-vortex gauze embroidery skirt-Panjincai embroidered cotton dress-milk cloud yarn gifted jacket-satin embroidered 100 butterfly skirt-satin weaving flower pairs of plackets-blue Chinese gold silk silk silk Writing Skirt-Flower Cuican Deloma Lily Sloting-Purple Fine Gauze Blind Basefish Land Skirt-Establishing Water Pattoo Eight Treasures Standing Water Skirt-Dragon Water sleeve pleated phoenix tail skirt-Ruyi satin embroidery colorful clouds-gold silk white pattern flower rain silk brocade skirt-flowing color flying flowers golden 翚 袆 袆-------立 立 立Sleeve double silk [Give the concubine below]-Si Yi Ribbon-Jinsha Course-Pink light gauze skirt-Lotus Yuri Yisu-Yanshui Hundred Flower Skirts-Sanhua pleated skirt-green satin 掐 掐Teeth Vetes-Daei Rain and Snow Long Skirt-Silk Rain Dispicious Cloak-Fu Ling Art Elegant Ribbon-Snow Ling Flying Flower Long Skirt-Green Smooth Gauze-Longyu Lingfeng Cloak-凄 羽 羽- -An Yurong Golden Silk Shirt-White Magnolia Sancanium Gauze-Ancient Tobacco Equipment Bixia Luo Yi-Sanhua Ruyi Cloud Smoke Skirt-Peach Blossom Cloud Full Hokka-Golden Flower Plant -洍 洍 百 百 丝 洍 洍--鸣 婉 洍--—— Summer Xiba down skirt-Xuanzi 砡 砡 洍 洍 — -Cink silk silk embroidery cheongsam-100 butterflies wearing flowers gold silk narrow 裉 裉--绫--掐 掐 掐 掐 vests-Xiacai Thousands of Plum Blossom Jelly Skirts-Momptic tobacco Cage Plum Blossom Water Skirt-Fragmentation Hua Cuisha Lily skirt-Ancient pattern double butterfly cloud-shaped thousands of water skirt | ————————————————————————————————————— Big Jade Bao玉-Emerald Jade-Gold Cod Golden 簪-Ning Yu Jinzhang-Purple Jade Golden 簪-Feather Golden 簪-Crystal Golden 簪-Golden Golden 簪-Jade Treasure-Emerald Jade 簪-Dragon and Phoenix Jade 簪-Rose Silver 簪-White Jade Pressing Bad-Lily Jade 簪-Glutter Silver 簪-Glutter Golden Polyna-Golden Place Jewelry Toad Coral flat square 羽 羽 沁 沁---------香 香 簪 簪-------” --星绫风雨落涟蓝簪--玺繂龙凤轩蜜紫簪--馨雨飘雪仙雨青簪--妙柳西敏韩玉鱈簪--柳青雨蒙霞凌膤簪--金镶珠宝半Wingded Butterfly-Hollow Carved Emerald Jade Bad-Pure Black Crystal Silver Bad-Silver Golding Crab Crab —— Embedded Coral Bat Flower 簪-Silver Gold Plated Treasure Butterfly 簪-Silver Gold Dragonfly Silver-plated pearls of green flowers-Royal Treasure Empress Gem Gem Golden 簪 —— The moth Jia Ling Mengyu Gemstone Lotus Golden Bag | ————————————————————————————— | -Ceng Crystal Silver Moon 犠-银-----hollow carved crystal 钗-Chaoyang Wufeng hanging beads-hollow carved crystal 钗-Chaoyang five phoenix hanging beads 钗 钗---

  2. What are the specific rewards? Let's take a look at the reward list of Qianlong:

    jade Ruyi
    jade bowl
    jade dishes
    jade bracelet
    Emerald pearl bracelet
    agate fruit plates
    Western clock
    rosewood painted silk enamel bronzes
    calligraphy n broccoli ...

    sometimes rewarded

  3. The emperor likes that concubine and will reward her to Jinbu shake. The more Jinbu, the more it means that the more he likes this concubine
    Jinbu shakes, that is, the golden step shakes, the ancient women's common hair accessories, the step shake is the same as the puppet, the cricket, the 钗It is also inserted in the hairline, and the head is hanging on the head or pendant.

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