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  1. 585 is 14K gold.
    k gold system is divided into 24 species, 24K gold is pure gold, and the theoretical value is 100%; correspondingly, the calculation formula of 1k = 1/24,14k gold is as follows:
    14k = 100 100 %/24*14 = 58.333%(585 ‰). In order to facilitate the identification, the gold content of 14K gold is generally agreed to 58.5%.
    14K's appearance is related to the characteristics of the gold itself. In order to meet the durability and diversity of jewelry, people are explored in practice. It becomes more exquisite jewelry styles, especially when it is inlaid with precious gems such as pearls, gems and emeralds. All kinds of gold jewelry. ".
    14k golden color is golden, not rust, not easy to corrode, and luster maintains good sex. The texture of 24K gold is soft and unable to inlay. Generally, 14K gold is usually used when the jewelry requires hardness. The 14K gold has a hard texture, high toughness, strong elasticity, can be inlaid with various gems, and the price is moderate. Therefore, it is increasingly loved by people. It has gradually become a trend of fashion consumption.
    The expansion information:
    The maintenance of jewelry
    14k gold is stable in normal nature and will not fade or deform, but like all valuable metals, pay attention to maintenance and reasonable wear to maintain its shape And luster stability.

    In first, try to avoid contact with some pH chemicals. Stay away from those corrosive chemicals such as chlorine gas and cleaning agent.
    Secondly, pay attention to reasonable matching, reduce daily wear, bumps and other damage, and prolong the color life of gold.
    Third, the method of cleaning 14K gold is as follows: Use a soap temperature water solution, and use a soft brush to gently clean it, and then gently dry it with a soft cloth.
    Fourth, the 14K gold jewelry that is not worn should be stored in a soft cloth bag or a sealed bag to protect them from being exposed to the erosion of daily material.

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