What is the profit of selling jewelry

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    Oh, your question is hard to say, my friend is to share this with you
    1 The boss can say
    2 Master a lot of knowledge about jewelry, Otherwise, you will also lose your own loss
    3 will look at customers. If you like it, you can sell a good price. What you do n’t like is only the choice of the toll.
    5 The natural gemstone is still synthetic, and the profit space is very large. The large ones can be 300 % small and dozens of pieces. R n
    Anyway, doing business coexist with risks and wealth. But there is one thing ~ "" He must make money "!!

    It hope you are lucky!
    It is not carved by the hair. A good carving of a piece of about 15 cm is very expensive. Generally, it is more than 500 ~ 1,000, and the polishing is cheaper, usually at 100 yuan. (This is the price in Yunnan)

  2. It depends on your comprehensive ability. One is your stuff. Others like
    The second is whether your thing is a brand. It depends on whether your sales staff will sell Gold is priceless!

  3. The profits of the jewelry industry have greatly reduced the profit of the market. If it is operating in the mall, it must first pay a high decoration fee, and then the turnover should be taken at the deduction point ranging from 20%-30%. Go, they sell one hundred them to get 30%, the remaining 70%of the cost, freight, packaging fee, advertising fees, gift costs, some salesperson's salary, tax ticket deduction, there are few left, there are few left, right? There are still profits, but it is not as big as imagined, because the cost is too much.
    Jewelry is divided into a broad sense and narrow sense. The narrow jewelry single refers to jade products. Jewelry in the broad sense should include gold, silver and natural materials (minerals, rocks, creatures, etc.). Or other treasures are referred to as jewelry. However, with the development of society and economy, in addition to natural gems and artificial gems, the concept of jewelry should be expanded to gold, silver, jewelry, etc. The industry that operates these items is collectively referred to as "jewelry industry". The scope of "jewelry" is much greater than the concept of "gemstone" in the broad sense. Gem in a broad sense refers to the raw materials that are suitable for pondering or engraving as jewelry or crafts.

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