What is the profit of the jewelry industry?

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  1. Your vision is good, the profit is high!
    In data released by the China Gold Association a few days ago, last year, the total sales of gold jewelry in the country reached more than 140 billion yuan, exported to 5.49 billion US dollars, and gold consumption ranked third in the world. Gold output increased from 181 tons in 2001 to 240.08 tons in 2008, an average annual increase of 5.6 %, which was the highest level of history. In 2006, the gold industry achieved profit of 6.108.5 billion yuan.
    The China Gold Association investigated in 8 cities including Beijing and Shanghai found that consumers who have purchased gold jewelry in the past year account for 46.63%; consumers who intend to buy next year account for 55.24%. From the perspective of material preferences, consumers who like sufficient gold account for 60.41%of the total number of investigations; followed by K gold, accounting for 39.59%. The proportion of consumers' purchase of jewelry kit has increased significantly.
    The former chairman of the China Gold Association, Cheng Fukin, said that in recent years, gold bass investment and paper gold have begun to enter the lives of ordinary people, and the Chinese gold jewelry market has made rapid development. Under such market conditions, the concept of "big gold" has gradually formed, and the gold industry system has become more improved. A number of large and medium -sized enterprises have risen rapidly, their strength continues to increase, and enterprises' equipment and technical levels are increasingly improved.
    The industry insiders believe that benefiting from residents' consumption upgrade, the gold jewelry industry has grown rapidly, and gold jewelry is becoming the third largest consumption hotspot after housing and car, and its potential for development is huge. It is predicted that by 2010, the total sales of jewelry will exceed 200 billion yuan. In the 2008 full -year limit and retail sales of retail industry, sales of gold and silver jewelry products increased by 28.5%, and the gold jewelry industry has entered a period of rapid growth.
    The director of the Far East District of the World Gold Association, Zheng Lianghao, said that at this stage, gold jewelry is still the highest proportion of the business structure of the jewelry industry, accounting for about 45%, and about 12%of the gross profit (of which about 20%of the retail gross profit is about 20%, the agent sales gross profit profit Slightly). Generally speaking, the development prospects of the gold jewelry industry are more optimistic, and the potential consumer groups are still increasing. In the next 20 years, it will show an upward trend.
    If industry experts said that China's gold investment demand is not satisfactory compared with the demand for gold jewelry. In recent years, China's gold investment consumption has not remained at about 10 tons per year, and Indian gold investment consumption has remained 60 tons to 100 tons per year in recent years.
    Analysts said that Chinese factor plays an important role in the fluctuations of world gold prices, but the downturn of China's gold investment consumption has made the influence of Chinese factors in the gold market that has not really exerted it. "The poor development of China's gold market is the key to China's physical gold investment." Li Qingfei, general manager of China Gold Gold Investment Co., Ltd., said that tax issues are obstacles to domestic physical gold investment.

  2. In the past, the profits of the jewelry industry were very objective, but with the date of competition in the market, the profit also decreased. If it is operating in the mall, it must pay a high decoration fee, and then the turnover should be ranging from 20%-30%. Take away the deduction point to the mall, that is, selling one hundred them to get 30%, the remaining 70%of the cost, freight, packaging fee, advertising fee, gift fee, some salesperson's salary, tax ticket deduction point, the place where the tax ticket is deducted. There is a few left, there are still profits, but it is not as big as imagined, because the cost is too much.
    Jewelry is divided into a broad sense and narrow sense. The narrow jewelry single refers to jade products. Jewelry in the broad sense should include gold, silver and natural materials (minerals, rocks, creatures, etc.). Or other treasures are referred to as jewelry. However, with the development of society and economy, in addition to natural gems and artificial gems, the concept of jewelry should be expanded to gold, silver, jewelry, etc. The industry that operates these items is collectively referred to as "jewelry industry". The scope of "jewelry" is much greater than the concept of "gemstone" in the broad sense. Gem in a broad sense refers to the raw materials that are suitable for pondering or engraving as jewelry or crafts.

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