What small gifts are suitable for wedding gifts?

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  1. When you get married, you can send a pair of cup customized versions or a box of chocolate. But like us, it is usually eaten in a bag with candy, drinks, betel nut, and a red envelope. The red envelope is generally about 50 yuan to 100 yuan.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dear, hello, soapnIt is recommended to choose a soap made of essential oils packaged with regenerative paper. It does not contain any chemical adding ingredients. It can give detailed care to ensure that the skin is not harmed.nMacaronnThe ball macaron contains six flavors. The macaron made of imported ingredients is sweet but not greasy, full of girly atmosphere and the sweetness of marriage.nKey bucklenThe keychain can be carried with them. It is very memorable for the newcomer. It is a small surprise to the guests!nPotted plantsnAs a creative return, Xiaobian recommends miniature potted plants and alien potted plants. It is small and easy to carry, and fashion is full of personality. I believe that vibrant plants constitute a fresh and natural landscape in the pot, which will make guests shine.nChopsticknThe chopsticks are the choice of many newcomers as a wedding gift. New people can choose gold or silver chopsticks, and they also mean that they can be paired with chopsticks. In addition, the exquisite packaging boxes must also surprise the guests and bring joy.nSecond, weddings give guests a small gift for guestsnChopsticks, small towelsnSome people will ask, can chopsticks be given to guests as small gifts? Essence In fact, chopsticks have a homophony- "fast child", which is a blessing to the new people, so chopsticks are particularly welcomed by newlyweds. Small towels are also very practical. They often appear in small gifts of various activities, and are very popular with guests.nPuxuan, cakenThe wedding cake is indispensable in Chinese weddings. The candy may not only have sugar. It can be a wedding cake, colorful candy, candy beans, and delicious cookies. The personalized cakes are very popular with young people now, and different flavors of cookies and chocolate candy with different flavors can express the festive and sweet atmosphere of the wedding banquet.nPhoto, small cardnMany couples take photos with guests on the day of the wedding. In fact, these photos can be given to guests as gifts. Usually you only need to write blessings in the photo, and then send it to the hands of the guests in the form of a card. In this way, not only get rid of the old routine, but after the wedding banquet, guests can usually take it out to see the joyful time at the time. Or design some practical cards as gifts after the wedding banquet, such as making small cards dedicated to guests. These cute small cards can be used as a seat card at the wedding banquet, and given guests to the gift after the wedding banquet.nShower, aromatherapynSend some daily necessities, such as laundry fluids, shower gels, bath balls, aromatics, etc., try to look novel and strange as much as possible. It should be the most wanted to see the lives of every guest. At the same time, this small gift is particularly welcomed by women and children.nI hope the above information can help you, what else can you help you? If you have no other questions for consultation, please be satisfied with today's service, please move your fortune and like it. Your praise is our motivation for moving forward. Thank you for your support and trust. I wish you a happy life!nThe above questions are currently used normally. Is there any new idea?nAnswer dear, hello, fruit, fruitnMany people choose fruits to return gifts, especially some relatively rare and valuable fruits, such as jackfruit or red libraries are very good choices.nRecommended gifts for wedding gifts 2: Hot drinksnThe hot drinks referred to here are not the hot drink that has been brewed, it refers to some chocolate powder or cocoa powder, or coffee or tea bag. When the guests are brewing the hot drink after returning home, they can feel the warm and thoughtfulness of the newcomers in the wedding. Especially the hot drinks of some brands, guests even more love.nRecommended three gifts for wedding gifts: desserts: dessertnBiscuits and cookies are also a very good gift, which represents sweetness. Some newcomers will order some very cute desserts online, and some newcomers are selected from physical dessert shops. Especially cute desserts make people feel comfortable.nRecommended gifts for wedding gifts: honey grapefruit teanIf there are not many guests, newcomers can DIY make honey grapefruit tea. The price is not expensive. It is about ten yuan. Simply pack it. Search for the production method on the Internet, there will be many related videos.nMore 27nBleak

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