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  1. Yang Guifei, his father was killed early and raised his uncle Yang Lizhen's house. Good song and dancing, rhythm, smart, plump, full of posture. Beginning was Xuanzong Zi Shou Wang Li Zhengfei, he called into the palace, and won Tang Xuanzong's favor. Tianbao's four -carrier (745) entered the volume was the concubine, and the sisters had talented appearances. The cousin Yang Zhao, the famous Guozhong, was promoted to the prime minister, and the power of power.
    The concubine brothers and sisters delay Xuanzong's eloquence and ignore the government. Tianbao's fourteen years (755), An Lushan launched a rebellion in the name of Yang Guozhong, and Xuanzong had no military troops, fled to Sichuan, and went to Ma Yiyi (now Xingpingxi, Shaanxi). Xuanzong was forced to give Yang Guifei.
    . She first was the princess of the king of life, and then the concubine of the father, Tang Xuanzong Li Longji. On June 14th (756), Tianbao fifteen years (756), with Li Longji's exile in Shu, passed through Ma Yiyi, and the forbidden army was mutiny. 37 -year -old Yang Guifei was killed, and she disappeared.
    Ifeng concubine is born with beautiful quality, and is one of the four major beauties in ancient China. "Close the moonlies of shameful flowers, the sinking fish and the geese containment", of which "shame flowers", Yang Guifei.
    The anecdotes of expansion information
    1, Yuhuan shame flowers
    have a small and exquisite flower. Its compound leaves are like hibiscus branches, and they are symmetrical, like bird feathers. The plant is dotted with a few light red flowers, like a bayberry. People pointed with their hands, and its feather -like leaflets quickly closed, and the petiole slowly hanged down, just like the girl who was involved in the world, because of her purity and simplicity, they were so shy and coquettish, so people called it "mimosa" Essence
    In that when Yang Yuhuan first entered the palace, he frowned because he could not see the king. On one occasion, she went to Gongyuan to enjoy the flowers with the palace girls, and accidentally touched Mimosa, and the leaves of the grass immediately rolled up. The palace girls all said that this was Yang Yuhuan's beauty, which made the flowers and plants as embarrassing and couldn't raise her head. Tang Xuanzong heard that there was a "beautiful beauty" in the palace, and he immediately called it and named it as a concubine.
    Since then, "shame flowers" have become the elegant name of Yang Guifei. Mimon is "ashamed" because of plant electricity. Mimosa is called "leaf mattress", which is called "leaf mattress", which is usually full of water.
    Is when the blades are stimulated, the moisture in the thin -walled cells is immediately flowing to the upper and both sides under the instructions of plant electricity. Due to the increase in the weight of the blades, the phenomenon of closed leaves and petiole is drooping. Mimores are slim and weak. In order to survive, it has formed this special ability to adapt to the environment in long -term natural choices.
    2, concubine smiling
    Tang Guifei, the concubine of Tang Xuanzong, has the beauty of the country, natural beauty, proficient in the rhythm, good at singing and dancing, and playing the pipa. As a result, Tang Xuanzong loved her.
    It the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty above the thousands of people to win the favor of Yang Guifei in order to win the favor of Yang Guifei. Fresh lychee with dew.
    The enjoyment in the palace is extremely luxurious. The more rare the mountains and sea flavors, the more the Herchi Qi Bao wants to tribute. In addition to litchi, another wine is made by Tang Xuanzong as the palace royal wine. In the early morning of the glyph, this wine is unique in Sichuan Xingnong brewing.
    "One riding a red concubine laughed, no one knew that it was lychee." At that time, when Yang Guifei tasted lychee in the Huaqing Palace, what kind of moving scenes were when Tang Xuanzong used this wine to drink with him. "Color".
    It this famous smile in history. "Huaqing Sheng Ge is drunk, and the concubine laughs! The wine that entered the court as a tribute was also named: Luxian Xiao.
    3, the concubine is drunk
    . She used "looking back and smiling, and the six -palace pink daisy has no color" and "three thousand pets love in one body", but she also lost pet and borrowed wine for a while. Therefore, the wave -shaped skeleton.
    The Tang Xuanzong first made an appointment with Yang Guifei and ordered him to set up a banquet pavilion to enjoy the flowers and drinks. The next day, Yang Guifei then went to Baihua Pavilion to prepare Qi Yuyu to wait for driving. Long time, long and long. Suddenly, the emperor was fortunate to be Xing Jiangfei Palace. Yang Guifei heard the news and was annoyed. Yang Guifei is jealous and jealous, You Meilang, and women are most likely to react.
    The feelings of all kinds of feelings, it was difficult to discharge for a while, and drunk into the sadness. The three cups were also drunk. So I forgot to put the waves, frequently and the eunuchs of Gao Lishi and Pei Lishi, made all kinds of drunkenness, and asked for obscenity and obscenity.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Yang Guifei

  2. Introduction to life

    Yang Yuhuan (AD 719-756): The Tang Dynasty court musicians, song and dancers, their musical talents are rare among the concubines of the past. Original from Puzhou Yongle (now Yongji, Shanxi). Born in Shu County (now Chengdu, Sichuan) on June 1, 719, 719, he was born in the family. The great -grandfather Yang Wang was the Shangzhu country of the Sui Dynasty and the official department of the official department. He was killed by Li Shimin in the early Tang Dynasty. The state family, his uncle Yang Xuanzhang was the Cao Cao of Henan Prefecture. Yang Yuhuan's childhood was spent in Sichuan. At about 10 years old, her father died, and she fosted the third uncle Yang Xuanzhang's house in Luoyang.

    Yang Yuhuan is born with beautiful quality, coupled with the superior educational environment, so that she has a certain cultural accomplishment, gentle personality, proficient in the rhythm, good at singing and dancing, and playing pipa.

    In July of the 22nd year of the opening of the yuan, Princess Xianyi of Tang Xuanzong held a wedding in Luoyang, and Yang Yuhuan was also invited to attend. Princess Xianyang's brother Shou Wang Li Yan fell in love with Yang Yuhuan at first sight. At the request of Wu Huifei, Tang Xuanzong set up her princess. After marriage, the two were sweet and abnormal.

    The on the seventh day of December of the 25th year of the Yuan Dynasty, the died of the love of Wu Huifei, who loved Tang Xuanzong, and Xuanzong was so depressed. Under the introduction of the eunuch Gao Lishi, Tang Xuanzong set his eyes to Wu Huifei's similar daughter -in -law Yang Yuhuan.

    In October of the 28th year of the opening of the yuan, Yang Yuhuan, who was pro -Li Yicheng, left Shouwang Mansion and came to Laoshan. At this time, she was only 22 years old, Xuanzong was 56 years old, Xuanzong preceded her The monk recommended the blessing of the mother of his mother, the mother of the mother, and gave the Tao "too true".

    The four years after Tianbao, Tang Xuanzong set up Wei Zhaoxun's daughter as Princess Shou, and then set up Yang Yuhuan as the concubine. After Xuanzong abolished the queen, he had not stood again, so Yang Guifei was equivalent to the queen. Essence

    has followed the feudal court system since entering the palace, but asked the court's politics, did not intervene in the dispute of power, and was loved by Xuanzong with his own charming meekness and extraordinary music talents. He once angered Xuanzong because of jealousy, so he was sent out of the palace twice, but in the end Xuanzong was still difficult to give up her. Until the Anshi Rebellion, Tang Xuanzong only took Yang Guifei to fled west. During Ma Yipo soldiers, Yang Guifei was forced to die at the age of 38.

  3. I have studied Yang Guifei on June 1st, but in ancient times, it was calculated by the lunar calendar. According to the current time of the time of March, the birthday of the eighth day of the lunar calendar

  4. Yang Yuhuan (719-756), the number is too true, from the daughter of Yang Xuanzheng, a householder of Shuzhou, Yongle (now Yongji, Shanxi Province). Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's concubine.

    The yang's posture, good song and dancing, and rhythm. In 734 (22nd year of Tang Xuanzong), he was the princess of the eighteenth son of Xuanzong's eighteenth son. In 737, Xuan Zong's beloved Wu Huifei died, and thousands of Gong'e in the harem could satisfy Xuanzong. In order to discuss Xuanzong's favor, Gao Lishi recommended Princess Yang Yuhuan to Xuanzong. In 740, Xuanzong Xing Hot Spring Palace made Gaolishi go to Shou Palace to call Yang, so that he became a monk. In 745, Zuo Wei Zhonglang took Wei Zhaoxun's daughter as Princess Shou, Xuanzong registered Yang's concubine, and "father seized his son", becoming a big smell of the Tang Dynasty palace.

    Xuanzong personally noticed "Niguan Feather Clothing Song". When he summoned Yang Guifei, he made Lewong play this new music. Xuanzong said to the harem: "I got Yang Guifei, Ru Zhibao also" ("Secret of the Ancient and Modern Palace" Volume 3) Copy the new song "Treasures", which shows the favors. The new queen in the palace, the palace people all called Yang as a "lady", and lived in the back position. Zheng Chuxi told a story, saying that after Yang Yuhuan was Jin as the concubine, a white parrot in Lingnan Gong could imitate human language. Xuanzong and Yang Guifei liked it very much. It is "Snowflake". Xuanzong Lingchen taught the poem. After several times, the white parrot could chant out and tease people. When Xuanzong played chess with Yang Guifei, if the situation is not good for Xuanzong, the eunuch of the attendant was afraid that Xuanzong would lose chess, and he called "Snowflake Mother". , Or peck the hands of the royal and kings, make it impossible. " , Called "parrot mound". The poet Yang Weizheng of the Yuan Dynasty Yang Weizhen's "Ultimate Vegetables Hidden Poetry" cloud: "Jin Yan recently collected Qinghai Jun, and the brocade cage first put the snowy lady." Xuanzong still cherishes the pet white parrot, and he is not even talked about Yang Guifei's thick pet.

    Yang Guifei has three sisters, all of which are national colors, and they are also called people's palaces. They are named Korean lady, Mrs. 虢, and Mrs. Qin. Mrs. Xunuo ranked third, with natural beauty, no fake powder. Du Fu's "Madam of the State" Shiyun: "Mrs. of the country inherits the Lord, and goes into the Golden Gate in Ping Ming.

    I because Yang Guifei was re -favored, her brothers all presented senior officials, and even the distant brothers Yang Zhao were originally rogue in the city. Gambling accounts, given famous Guozhong, and more than ten positions in the branch of the branch, manipulating the government. Xuanzong You Xinghua Qingchi, with Yang's five families as the obedience, each team, wearing a color clothes, five teams, colorful. The jewelry was dropped along the way, and the luxury could not be added. The Yang family, married two princesses, two county owners, and Xuanzong also wrote a monument to the Yang family and the Temple Temple.

    Once, Yang Guifei was proud and offended Xuanzong, and was condemned by Xuanzong to her mother's house. However, after the concubine went out of the palace, Xuanzong had no diet, and Gao Lizu had to call her back again. In 750, the concubine stole the purple jade flute of Twenty -Penta (score) and entertaining himself alone. The incident was sent out of the palace with the purpose of the incident. After the concubine came out of the palace, she cut a green silk, and she brought Zhang Taoguang to Xuanzong, Xuanzong was horrified, and Gao Lishi recalled her. Zhang Ye's "Division of Wang Xiaoshu" poems: "Jin Yu is fortunate that no one can see, and stole the division of Wang Xiaosuan." Yang Guifei knew that Xuanzong had no her, and he was restless and more arrogant. At that time, people have a rumor that "don't be sad and sour, and do not like men." ("Yang Taizhen's biography)) Li Zhao said:" Yang Guifei was born in Shu, and she eats litchi. It was born in the South China Sea. Passing the Huaqing Palace "Shiyun:

    The Changan looked back at the embroidered city pile, and the top of the mountain was opened for the second time.
    ride red dust concubines, unknown is lychee to come
    ("" "The Tang Dynasty Tang Poems" Volume 6)

    Those who have "concubine laugh" are said to be named here.

    The middle age, Fanyang Johor made Anlu Mountain standing for his merits and won the favor of Xuanzong. Lushan was named Yang Guifei in the name of entering the palace to see Qian Niang.

    This Yang Guifei celebrated the last birthday in Chang'an. It was on June 1, 755 in the Qing Palace in the Qing Dynasty. Then, "Litchi incense" is named. In November of the same year, Anlu Mountain was anti -Sichuan. The following year, through Ma Yiyi (now Xingping County, Shaanxi Province), the army was mutinned. Bai Juyi's "Song of Everlasting" is the tragedy story of Xuan Xuanzong and the concubine.

    Yang Guifei can poetry, "The Poems of the Tang Dynasty" received a cloud of "Gift to Zhang Yunrong Dance":

    The light clouds shake the wind, and the tender willow ponds are first brushed.

    This is the dancing posture of women in a woman, compared to the Qiu Yanfu, looming; The sleeve is fragrant, which can be described as magical. There are many stories that reflected Yang Guifei in the poems. Du Mu's "Crossing Huaqing Palace" cloud:

    This on a thousand peaks, dancing to break down.
    ("The Tang Dynasty Poems" Volume 6)

    As for the three songs of Li Bai's "Qingping Words", the famous sentence "Yun wants clothes and flowers, spring breeze brushes the threshold to expose Chinese tourism" ("The Complete Works of Li Taibai" Volume 5) has become an eternal singing. After the death of the concubine, Xuanzong people Shu, "Walk to the Fufeng Road, ... and to Xiegukou, it belongs to Lin Yu Xun, hear the ringtone in the rain of the boardwalk, corresponding to the mountain. "(" Yang Taizhen's Biography ") This is the origin of the word card of Song Ci" Yu Lin Ling "later.

    The story of Yang Guifei in the drama. The Yuan Dynasty Bai Pu wrote "Tang Ming Emperor Autumn Night Salian Rain" miscellaneous drama, the Ming Dynasty has the legend of "Cai Ji Ji" in the Ming Dynasty, Wu Shimei "Jinghong Ji "Legend and Anonymous" Dust Jian "legend, the Qing Dynasty has the legend of Hong Sheng's" Changsheng Hall ", Peking Opera has" Baihua Pavilion "," The Concubine Drunk "," Taizhen Wai Zhuan "," Ma Yipo ", etc. Many stories of Yang Guifei are endless. The Peking opera "The Concubine Drunk" starring Mei Lanfang, with its originality and excellent acting singing, is known at home and abroad. The novels include "Yang Taizhen's Biography", Chen Hong's "Song of Everlasting Hate", "Sui and Tang Dynasties" and so on.

    The tomb of Yang Guifei in Xingping County, Shaanxi today, covers an area of ​​3,000 square meters. The tombs include Li Shangyin, Bai Juyi, Lin Zexu and other poetry monuments. There is Huaqing Pond in the northern foot of Lintong Mountain, which is passed on to Yang Guifei's "Spring Cold Bathing Huaqing Pond, and the hot spring water is slippery and condensed." The concubine soup ", the side of the pool is" Liangfa Pavilion ", which is passed on to the place where the concubine baths cool hair. These famous monuments have attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists because they have a close relationship with the famous ancient beauty Yang Guifei and become a famous tourist destination.

  5. In December of the 25th year of Kaiyuan (737), Tang Xuanzong Li Longji died of illness. Although the beauty of the harem is like a cloud, none of them can replace Wu Huifei's position in his heart. Xuanzong seemed to be a lot older, and he was very lonely all day long. Sometimes after retreating, he often stood alone in front of the palace where Hui Fei lived before his lifetime.
    Xuanzong's mind, Gao Lishi, who has been served for many years, has a clear look at Gao Lishi, and has dedicated to his new love for him to alleviate his lonely and depressed mood for half a hundred years. After about a year of search, a stunning beauty Yang Yuhuan attracted the attention of Gao Lishi and also attracted great interest in Xuanzong.
    This Yang Yuhuan was the daughter of Yang Xuanzhang, the fourth generation of Yang Wang at the end of the Sui Dynasty. Legend has it that there is a jade ring on the arm when he was born, so he named the jade ring. Yang Yuhuan was clever and clever since she was young, and she was born with beauty. Unfortunately, her parents died early, and they were adopted by her uncle Henan Fushi Cao Yang Xuanzhang. As a result, her girl was spent in Luoyang.开
    The twenty -two years (734), Yang Yuhuan has grown into a sturdy girl. Although she is still childish, it has completely revealed its gorgeous style. The visiting relatives and friends of the visit and the family members of the officials like the beautiful jade ring very much. She often sings and dances in the house. It is said that the Yang family's predecessor was a kabuki. She danced well, and often pointed at Yang Yuhuan to dance. Yang Yuhuan is cheerful and enthusiastic, and likes to travel, so they often go out. Occasionally, Yang Yuhuan unexpectedly met the most beloved daughter of the Emperor Xuanzong. The acquaintance with the princess became an opportunity to turn her life.在
    During a banquet of participating in the mansion of Xianyi Gong's mansion, Yang Yuhuan met the princess's mother -in -law and the prince of Shi Fengshou. Yang Yuhuan's posture made Shouwang fall in love at first sight. In fact, Yang Yuhuan had seen Yang Yuhuan at the wedding banquet of Princess Xianyi. This time, it was a banquet that made his sister arranged for him, because Li Yan, who had no princess, wanted Yang Yuhuan. Princess Xianyi and Shouwang are born of Wu Huifei. The children born to Hui Fei are also more favored in Xuanzong. In order to achieve the purpose of abolishing the prince Li Ying and rectifying his son Shou Wang as the prince, Wu Huifei secretly contacted Li Linfu, and formed a huge power group around him to fight the crowded prince everywhere. The king of Shou was cautious. Although he had an admiration for Yang Yuhuan, he still asked his sister Princess Xianyi to test her mother Wu Huifei's tone. His son had a good opinion of Yang Yuhuan. Wu Huifei had learned through Princess Xianyi, and her face was Xuanzong, and Xuanzong quickly answered Li Yan's request.
    The twenty -three years (735) in December (735), Henan Mansion Cao Yang Xuanzhuang House has a special arrangement. More than 20 ceremonies followed the Yishui Bank, and they set up one person every 10 steps until the door of Yangzhai. It turned out that this was the prime minister Li Linfu and Huangmen servant Chen Xilie to hold the emperor to hold the festival to the Yangfu of Yongle Fang to hold the princess ritual of Yang Yuhuan as the prince of the Tang Dynasty. The beautiful Yang Yuhuan finally became the princess of Shou's princess because of her bright eyes and charm pavilion. The years in Shouwang's Mansion are the beginning of Yang Yuhuan's good luck.先
    In first, Yang Yuhuan did not understand Li Yan's desire to be the crown prince. She felt that it was good to be the king of life. Why did they want to fight for the crown prince? Later, she stayed in the palace for a long time. She was staying in the palace. I feel that being a prince is better, and once Wu Huifei's plan is successful, Shouwang can become the right of the emperor today, and Yang Yuhuan will become the queen today.
    I unfortunately, Wu Huifei died in December of the 25th year of Kaiyuan (737). The following year, the loyalty king Li Heng got the prince, and the status of Shouwang Li Yan dropped sharply. Lost his mother's care, the little family of Shouwang was like a flat boat, swaying with the wind in the turbulent Erotic Sea, and the endlessness was over. “
    " The wall is pushing everyone ", Li Yan and Yang Yuhuan, who have no power and power, really have no choice. The only hope in their hearts is to spend the second half of their lives and share the ordinary joy of husband and wife. However, they forgot a word: "Blessings and Wushuang are coming!" At the beginning, when Yang Yuhuan was registered as the princess, Xuanzong had attended his wedding as his father, and Xuanzong praised her in the wedding concubine. "Change Xiu Ji". In October of the 25th year of Kaiyuan (737), Xuanzong and Wu Huifei led the Royal Fortune Spring Hot Spring. Yang Yuhuan happened to travel alone on horseback. Xuanzong saw it on the high platform and called her to enter the warm pavilion to eat together. Yang Yuhuan was impressed in Xuanzong's heart, but at the time Wu Huifei was petting on the side, making him careless. As for the meeting in other social occasions, it is endless. Yang Yuhuan's appearance and graceful manners are deeply burned on Xuanzong's heart. Therefore, Once Gao Lishi proposed Yang Yuhuan into the palace, Xuanzong's dry heart's heart of the heart of Xuanzong. The child is resurrected.可
    , after all, Yang Yuhuan is his daughter -in -law, forcibly marrying it, ethics, and morality. Xuan Qin couldn't think of a whole two whole. However, Gao Lishi, who was good at meeting, immediately understood the emperor's concerns. "Your Majesty, you can rest assured that the old slave must do things reasonably." Xuanzong finally showed a smile. The fate of Yang Yuhuan, the princess of the prince Shou, was decided in the laughter. Shouwang Li Yan and Yang Yuhuan never expected that Wu Huifei's premature death brought not only the pain of losing the throne of the prince, but also what it was difficult for them to accept the sacrament of the father of the father, so The couple cried with headache, because the couple would never be "forever."
    In October (740) in the 28th year (740), Xuanzong led cultural and military officials to Xing Laoshan Hot Spring Palace. The next day, the messenger sent by Xuanzong went straight to Chang'an Shouwang, and ordered Princess Yang Yuhuan to go to Laoshan to serve.
    This of the emperor's paper book, any head of his head did not dare to violate it. Li Yan understood that the idea of ​​his father's marriage to marry his son had been determined. Although he was affectionate with Yang Yuhuan, he was helpless. When Yang Yuhuan first received the scripture, she could not accept this cruel fact. But thinking about it, Shouwang is a decline in the aristocracy. The day of the first place is out of reach, and at Xuanzong, you can enjoy the infinite glory and wealth. Why do you waste his good time and wait for an unpredictable future? What's more, if you are a female stream, you can only set up others. Even if you don't want to, what's the way? Thinking of this, Yang Yuhuan was relieved. After saying goodbye to her husband Li Yan, he hurried to Laoshan.
    In Gao Lishi's personally arranged, Tang Xuanzong, who finally got Yang Yuhuan, spent an ecstasy day in the palace in Laoshan and was with Yang Yuhuan. He felt that he became young. Compared with Hui Fei, what is deeply obsessed with Xuanzong is Yang Yuhuan with a wild beauty on her body. What do Yang Yuhuan obsessed with? Is it Xuanzong's romantic 是? of course not! At this time, Xuanzong is already a 55 -year -old and a half -old man. The only thing he can attract her is the status of his Ninth Five -Year Plan and a luxury enjoyment that can bring her.
    The Yang Yuhuan knows that he must firmly tie the old emperor's heart, otherwise the cooked duck will fly away. So she began to perform her best. "Your Majesty, I went back to the king of Shou without a face!" Yang Yuhuan's Jiao Yan had a headache for Xuanzong. Yes, Yang Yuhuan is the princess of his son. He shared a woman with his son. He couldn't work in the etiquette, and Xuanzong couldn't find any excuse to accept her as a concubine, but he could not do without this woman. This is indeed a difficult thing, but it cannot be done.无
    Axitable, Xuanzong had to let Gaoli help, Gao Lishi came up with a wonderful idea, and the problem was solved.
    Xuanzong asked Yang Yuhuan to be a female Taoist in Taizhen Palace. In this way, everyone's mouth was blocked. Therefore, Xuan Zongxian instigated Yang Yuhuan on an example, thinking that the late Queen Mother Dou was dedicated to the name, and begged to be a female Taoist priest. Xuanzong's gift number is too true. Because Xuanzong is about to marry the female priest Yang Yuhuan, not the princess of Shou Yang Yuhuan. Moreover, the Taizhen Palace is in the palace, and Yang Yuhuan can enter the palace at any time to sleep for the emperor. In order to comfort Li Yan, Xuanzong also married him with falsely to him.
    The Yang Yuhuan is clever. She knows that she has three thousand beauties in the harem and beautiful women. Those who compete with themselves can always enjoy wealth in the palace.开
    The night of the 29th year (741) of the Lantern Festival, Yang Yuhuan brought the maid out of the Taizhen Palace and came to the street to watch the lights. Because Xuanzong wants to host the celebration in the palace and accepts the congratulations of the cultural and military officials and the people of Chang'an, the boring Yang Yuhuan can only go with the crowded people on the street. At this time, Mei Fei, who had won Xuanzong's special pet. Mei Fei saw the dignified and beautiful Yang Yuhuan vinegar, which was this Yang Yuhuan took the emperor away from her, so she scolded it lightly: "This fat pig!" However, when she thought of she was just a female Taoist, she pressed the anger: "Someday, I want to tell you to know my power!" Yang Yuhuan felt that she would change her situation. First of all, she had to change her identity. She had to change her identity. She had to change her identity. She had to change her identity. I felt that the people in the palace called her too true since the palace, and even the emperor called her, which made her feel panic.一
    once, Xuanzong was very interesting, chatting with Yang Yuhuan, Yang Yuhuan suddenly shed tears and asked Xuanzong: "Why do you always call me too true, but he is called Ai Fei! Taoist priests? "From then on, Xuanzong cordially called Yang Yuhuan as" lady ", and let the people in the palace call it the same. Yang Yuhuan's status has improved. One year when she entered the palace, Yang Yuhuan won Xuanzong's favor with her beauty and character, and Xuanzong's love for her surpassed Wu Huifei and Mei Fei. Xuanzong's taste is the same as Yang Yuhuan. Yang Yuhuan knows the rhythm and can sing and dance. In addition, she is more intelligent and good -looking. It is for Li Linfu.
    August of the four years (745), Xuanzong released his life in Phoenix Garden, Chang'an, and Yang Yuhuan, a priest of Taizhen Palace, was the concubine. She was sitting on a large chair inlaid with gold and silver to receive the wishes of the cultural and military officials and the imperial court. Looking at the old ministers worshiped to worship herself, Yang Yuhuan felt that she had never been comfortable. Five years after entering the palace, Yang Yuhuan finally had a formal name.
    . Yang Yuhuan, who became the concubine, finally moved from the deserted Taizhen Palace Guangming to Xingqing Palace. The number of maids also greatly exceeded the past. There were more than 1,200 workers who were embroidered for her brocade. They took the sedan, and they served. The etiquette character enjoyed was the same as the former Wu Queen, and even the queen was extravagant. She was going to accompany Xuanzong to meet the ministers who returned to Beijing. Yang Yuhuan is now very picky and difficult to wait. The meal is a little unsatisfactory and he will lose his temper. In order to invest in it, it is said that the cost of a meal is equivalent to the real estate of 10 people at the time. From time to time, Xuanzong also gave her various gold and silver accessories and antique treasures.
    The Yang Yuhuan prefers lychee, Xuanzong specially ordered the best tribute to the South China Sea lychee. Although litchi tastes sweet, it is delicate and difficult to hide. The South China Sea officials were preserved for freshness, so that people were quickly transported into Changan after picking up. Although the South China Sea and Chang'an North and South are thousands of miles away, Yang Yuhuan can still ensure that fresh litchi is eaten every day.
    In order to take a bath for her, Xuanzong ordered a Huaqing Palace at the foot of Laoshan, which was made of white jade stone into Huaqing Pond. The edges of the pond are carved with reliefs such as fish, dragons, and geese, and a sleeper made of white jade in the center of the pond, so that she can take a bath if she lie down.
    In addition to the beauty, Yang Yuhuan attracted Xuanzong's unique talent. She is good at singing and dancing, passing the rhythm, and playing a good pipa in one hand, and Xuanzong also loves music very much, which forms an artistic sound with Xuanzong. Xuanzong once studied the Indian Buddhist song "Brahmin", and his imagination and feelings, created "The Music and Yu Yifu" to chant the mood of singing the fairy dancing. Xuanzong gave this song to Yang Yuhuan and ordered her to dance with rhyme. Yang Yuhuan browsed a little, and then she led the gods and performed when she was singing and dancing. The singing sounds like a phoenix bird cry, and the dancing posture is like a heavenly girl scattered flowers, making the viewer as if he is a fairy and dancing, the misty and magical Yaochi meeting. She realized the deep understanding of the music and the strong expressiveness made Xuanzong excited.
    The Yang Yuhuan not only can sing and dance, but also write poems, which also worships Xuanzong under the pomegranate skirt. Once, Yang Yuhuan followed Tang Xuanzong to travel to Xingxiang Linggong, and he ordered Zhang Yunrong to dance on the spot. Yun Rong was light and Shu Luo's sleeve, Man turned his body, and danced. Yang Yuhuan was excited, and the seat wrote a seven -character quatraint: Luo's sleeves were so fragrant, and the red cigarette was in the autumn smoke. The light clouds shake the wind, and the tender willow ponds are at the beginning of the water.
    . Yang Yuhuan was then matched with a score to sing for Yun Rong companion. The people present all fell the talents of singing and dancing and poetry. Yang Yuhuan is also good at playing Pipa. The pipa she used was brought by the Chinese official Bai Xiuzhen from Shu. Her wood was "gentle as jade, visible, and using golden red texts to make double phoenixes." At that time, many princesses worshiped Yang Yuhuan as a teacher and claimed to be "Pipa Disciples". Yang Yuhuan is still a master. When she played, "the voice of the fight was Lingran, and she was new. Xuanzong deliberately let people use the green jade jade as a cricket, and decorated with golden beads, which is extremely precious.
    "Love House and Wu", Yang Yuhuan's three sisters are all charming and abnormal, often entering and leaving the court. Whenever the banquet, they must be dressed up, and accompanied by Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan. The most beautiful Mrs. Lady of the three people, especially good at playing and having a head -up posture. She sometimes laughed and made a lot of shame. Sometimes she even went to the face of Yang Yuhuan and Xuanzong's eyebrows. 4 Five years of Tianbao (746) in the midsummer, after the news of Xuanzong's news of You Xingqujiang, from the palace to Qujiang, the people who looked at the lively Changan people wanted to see the holy face, and they wanted to see the three thousand concubines in the harem. Yang Guifei's style. The third lady also accompanied the driver.
    That day, Yang Yuhuan and Xuanzong were in the same concubine. The three ladies took the gorgeous cars as usual, and then the Manchu and military and military were also participated in the banquet. At the end of the trip, the concubine proposed to go to the nearby amusement to see the sunset. Xuanzong pushed off excessive drinking and wanted to return to the tent to rest. As soon as Yang Yuhuan walked away, Mrs. Xun Guo took the opportunity to slip back, and the two soon became beautiful. Yang Yuhuan for a long time is not assured of Mrs. Xun Guo. When neither Xuanzong and Mrs. Xun Guo were found, she immediately led her followers to return to Xuanzong's tent to see the embarrassing scene and Xuanzong's shy eyes. She was annoyed. , Immediately instructed: "Preparation of the car, return to the palace!" The life of Xuanzong's order Yang Yuhuan immediately went back to serve the driver's life and ignored it.
    The Yang Yuhuan returned to the palace with gas exhaling. She was angry. Unexpectedly, she did not rely on herself to have today ’s Mrs. Lady. Gao Lishi hurried back to see Yang Yuhuan and said, "Ah, mother, when you see the emperor, you say that you rush back because of physical discomfort."
    "No! How can I receive the country? The lady was insulted, what was her! "In the early morning of the day, the messenger brought Xuanzong's order: Yang Yuhuan immediately came out of the palace and moved to Yang Xuanxuan's prefecture. Yang Yuhuan's anger didn't disappear, and he pulled his legs.
    In the palace, Xuanzong spent this day in the anger.
    In the evening, Xuanzong finally couldn't bear it, and he ordered the meal to Yangfu. The next day, more than a dozen palace cars were transported to Yang Yuhuan's clothes and dozens of maids to serve Yang Yuhuan. The smart Yang Yuhuan understood that Xuanzong was no longer regenerating.
    The on the fifth day of Yang Yuhuan's out of the palace, Xuanzong sent Gao Lishi to meet Yang Yuhuan back to the palace. Yang Yuhuan was helped out of the palace car from the maid and saw the Xuanzong standing there as early as possible. Just five days ago, Xuanzong was much older. At this moment she understood her position in Xuanzong's heart.
    Xuanzong ordered a banquet in the palace to be shocked by Yang Yuhuan, and gave Yang Yuhuan a variety of small play arts to give her sisters tens of millions of dollars per year. The Yang family was insurance, and they received a lot of rewards for this. This was never expected by them.谁
    Who people know that in the spring of the second year, Yang Yuhuan was once again expelled from the palace. It turned out: Yang Yuhuan heard that King Ning had a jade flute to play a wonderful voice, and sent someone to borrow it to play. Xuanzong's younger brother Ning Li Chengqi likes music. His flute lent Yang Yuhuan. Xuanzong saw that Yang Yu, who was very popular, was furious and ordered: Immediately leave the palace and go back to Yang Xuanxuan's Mansion!
    Yang Xuanzhang Mansion is shrouded in a gloomy atmosphere again. Since Madam of the country, all the relatives of the Yang family gathered again to Yang Xuanzhang's mansion to discuss countermeasures. They think Xuanzong will not be as magnificent as last time. Therefore, the proud Mrs. Mrs. State changed her person, and there was no longer the appearance of the anger; the honest Mrs. Qin Guo let go of grief. The Yang family feels that the joyful life will be gone, and the Yang family will be weakened from then on, and it will even lead to killing. The sadness of Yangfu's sadness lasted only four days. On the fourth night, Zhang Taoguang, a waiter in Xuanzong sent, sent Yuci's diet, and Yang Yuhuan's hanging heart finally let go.于
    So Yang Yuhuan cut a strand of hair and handed it to Zhang Taoguang with Rob Pa bag, and gave him a short note, making him Xuanzong: "The death of the court is not overhelling, but the Majesty of His Majesty will precious the Eucharist. I didn't dare to look at the big grace of the Yang family. Today, my hair is dedicated to Monthly. "Xuanzong saw a ray of hair and a pain in his heart, and Gao Lishi immediately welcomed Yang Yuhuan back to the palace.再
    The Yang Yuhuan, who returned to the palace again, was even more favored. Xuanzong immediately met any requirements for her. As a result, Yang's Five Mansion received a lot of rewards. The relationship between her and Xuanzong was dislocated. Xuanzong was not just favored by herself, but she was almost obsessed with her.
    The luxury life of Yang Yuhuan is eye -catching, and the Yang family flew Huang Tengda because of her.
    The Yang Yuhuan's brother Yang Zhao once worked as a small official in Shu land, and then went to Changan's relationship with Yang Yuhuan as the Qinggui Palace to supervise the imperial envoy. Under the recommendation of Gao Lishi and the secret intervention of Yang Yuhuan, Yang Zhao was quickly promoted to Royal History. After the release of the book was released, Yang Zhao went to Yang Yuhuan Pavilion.
    I due to Yang Yuhuan's strong boasting and Yang Zhao's speculative drill camp in front of Xuanzong, Yang Zhao's position in the court is becoming more and more important. In the ninth year of Tianbao (750), he had officially reached the Ministry of Military Affairs and the Royal History. In August of this year, Xuanzong gave Yang Zhao's famous national loyalty. Yang Guozhong's insidious treacherous, accepting bribes, secretly settled gangs, Mei Guan Xuanzong, and deceived Xuanzong's trust. However, he quickly discovered that Xuanzong's instrument attracted the dissatisfaction of the prime minister Li Linfu and began to crack down everywhere. In order to confront Li Linfu, Yang Guozhong strengthened his connection with An Lushan with the help of Yang Yuhuan. In May of the 199th, Yang Guozhong asked to give Anlu, Anlu, Shandong Pingjun King's position, and Xuanzong agreed and issued a order. In this way, Yang Guozhong, who has been an official for only four years, has become a powerful opponent of Li Linfu, who has won 17 years of unique power, and the two sides have become increasingly fierce. In the ten years of Tianbao (751), Li Linfu took the pretext of the war in the south of Jiannan and the unstable border. Want to use this excuse to squeeze Yang Guozhong out of the dynasty. This made Yang Guozhong unable to refuse.
    The Yang Yuhuan's heart is very clear. Yang Guozhong and Li Linfu's fought in the dark, Yang Guozhong overwhelmed Li Linfu as the top figure in the middle of the Chaozhong, which is very good for the prominent of the Yang family and his own stability. Yang Guozhong was not tolerated by it, and she immediately called Gao Lishi to discuss. Gao Lishi is the main planner. He believes that Yang Guozhong is better to deal with military affairs first, and temporarily avoid the limelight, and then Yang Yuluan invited Xuanzong to recall it. Sure enough, Yang Guozhong just arrived in Shu land, and the messenger sent by Xuanzong also arrived. In November of the 11th year of Tianbao (752), Li Linfu, the prime minister of 19 years in power, died of illness. This is really a good opportunity for Yang Guozhong. Xuanzong immediately issued a decree that Yang Guozhong replaced Li Linfu as the right phase. After Yang Guozhong's politics, politics in the Tang Dynasty was even more chaotic. Yang Guozhong was deceived, and the defeat on the border claimed that he claimed and claimed himself, and he claimed himself. Yang Guozhong used the status of his pet, and he was more than 30 to make his position, running bribery, and widely settled in Luo Linfu. In the first month of the thirteenth year of Tianbao (754), the north of the northern part, leading the Anlu Mountains of Pinglu, Fanyang, and Hedong Township, Anlu Mountain entered the New Year.
    The first month of the second year of Tianbao (743), Xuanzong ordered the grand reception to receive the Northern Biansehu Humushan.
    Is when Yang Yuhuan accompanied Xuanzong to see Anlu Mountain, where the emperor came to the emperor in the hall, almost laughed. Is there a legend that Anlu Mountain, known as Yongwu? However, what surprised Yang Yuhuan was that An Lushan did not bend over to worship Xuanzong, but bent over to Yang Yuhuan.
    Xuanzong felt lost, and asked: "Ah, miscellaneous Hu, why do you just worship the concubine and not salute to me?"
    "The minister has only saluted his mother since he was a child, I I only know that my mother gave birth to me. As for who my father is, it is difficult to make clear, so the minister always salutes the woman first. "
    Yang Yuhuan laughed and could not help but feel good about him. Xuanzong naturally no longer questioned.为了
    In order to laborer Anlu Mountain, Xuanzong gave many gold and silver jewelry to Anlu Mountain, and appointed him to interview the Fanyang Jiede and Hebei. , Master the military and political power of the northern border. "
    " His Majesty, the minister has one thing, hoping that His Majesty is graceful. "Between the banquets, An Lushan suddenly became serious, which surprised Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan.
    An Lushan stared at Yang Yuhuan with both eyes: "The minister lost his mother since childhood, and planned to recognize a noble woman as a mother."
    "I don't know who this woman is, is it my mother? "Tang Xuanzong asked interested. "
    " Good! The one sitting next to Her Majesty. "An Lushan has no pretentious.
    Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan were surprised. Immediately, Xuanzong agreed: "I agree. I don't know how Yu Huanyi is?" An Anlu Mountain, who was more than a decade of herself as her son, was shocked by Yang Yuhuan, but she accepted happily. The clever Yang Yuhuan thought: With such a general with local real power as his own son, he will never have no good on the road to his concubine.然
    , where did she want to get it, her glory and wealth, and even their lives, were indirectly buried in the hands of this dry son.述 Another time before, before Anlu Mountain entered Beijing, the prime minister Yang Guozhong repeatedly played An Lushan to prepare for the Tang Dynasty, asking Xuanzong to use the Mingsheng to darker the way to capture An Lushan's military power. Darkly sheltered, Xuanzong has always ignored it. An Lushan led the three towns to make a second place, and repeatedly made odd contributions on the battlefield in the northern border. Xuanzong's petting of him is more than Yang Guozhong. It constitutes a threat, so he must think of removing him.
    , Yang Guozhong's framed An Lushan was unable to allow Yang Yuhuan. Xuanzong's calling An Lushan this time was proposed by her. In order to cover Anlu Mountain, Xuanzong ordered the relatives near Xuanyangfang, where Yang's Five Mansion was located, and built a generous and luxurious house for Anlu Mountain. Xuanzong still gave him gold and silver utensils, and when he added a left servant, he rewarded his subordinates.进 An Lushan was called into the palace and was treated by Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan. Three days later, Yang Yuhuan summoned Anlushan into his own house. With the encouragement of Mrs. Lady and others, several women took a bath for An Lushan and kept making trouble until late at night.在
    During the laughter, An Lushan and Yang Yuhuan slowly produced a private relationship. After all, Anlu Mountain was strong, far more charm of a man than Xuanzong, a 60 -year -old man. So when Xuanzong was not there, they secretly met.
    During the days of Tianbao, Xuanzong entrusted the military affairs to Li Linfu and Yang Guozhong. They were arrogant and repeatedly unjustly prison, causing the court to be corrupted and very chaotic. The monarchs have made great achievements and launched wars on the border many times. At the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, the internal and external lights were broken and the light was broken. An Lushan, who entered the DPRK many times, peeped the Datang national strength and felt organic, so he actively recruited soldiers to buy horses, created firearms, reserves grain and grass, prepared for the rebellion of the troops, and cheated Xuanzong and Yang with bribes and bribes. The trust of Yuhuan, the annual official Jinjue, has 150,000 soldiers, and became the most powerful general in the Tang Dynasty. On November 9th of the 14th year of Tianbao (755), An Lushan started in Fanyang (now Beijing) in the name of "Yang Yang Guozhong", and led Hu Han soldiers to 150,000 long -distance to the south, pointing directly at Chang'an. An Lushan, who was favored by Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan, finally launched an armed rebellion.
    On November 15th, Xuanzong and his party were avoiding the cold in Laoshan. However, the reports of the battle are constantly sending the state of war. The state and counties in Hebei have surrendered. The army of Anlu Mountain has been invincible. It has passed the Yellow River and approached the East capital Luoyang.
    The Jiangshan Society of Datang could not be ruined in his own hands! Xuanzong, who was immersed in love with Yang Yuhuan in love all day, seemed to be awake. He decided to personally lead the army to conquer the beast of Anlushan! Let the prince supervise the country. An Lushan's rebellion was too heavy for Xuanzong.
    The plan to Xuanzong, Yang Yuhuan immediately agreed. However, the Yang family who learned that the Prince's State and Xuanzong relatives were panicked. Yang Guozhong asked Yang Yuhuan to try to prevent Xuanzong from levy. He said that we have been doing right with the East Palace! Once the prince is supervised, our Yang family will lose our lives.
    So in the end, Xuanzong still stayed in Chang'an City.
    The first month of the fifteenth year (756) of Tianbao, An Lushan was named the Emperor of the Dayan Kingdom in Luoyang, changed the sacred martial arts, and officially established a regime with the Xuanzong Division. The news passed to Chang'an, Xuan Zong was very angry and wanted to kill him by himself.
    April, many righteous forces raised in the rear of Anlu Mountain. Among them, Guo Ziyi and Li Guangzhang's rebels were the biggest. Some surrendered states and counties have anyway, and the defenders of Tongguan also defeated An Lushan's attack. Moreover, it is said that Anlu Mountain is seriously ill, and the time to regain Luoyang has arrived, and General Ge Shuhan sent someone to send back memorials, thinking that it was not the time to regain Luoyang at this time. Therefore, some ministers in the North Central DPRK couldn't wait, thinking that this would hesitate to Xuanzong. However, the unexpected memorial made Xuanzong a surprise. Regardless of his opposition, he ordered Ge Shuhan to immediately send troops to regain Tokyo Luoyang.
    On June 10th, Ge Shuhan's 200,000 army set off from Tongguan and met Cui Qianyou in Tong An Lushan, Nishiyuan, Lingbao County, and launched a decisive battle. Although Ge Shuhan fought hard, he failed to recover the defeat. Most of the official army was killed and injured. Ge Shuhan was captured and Tongguan lost. The news of Tongguan's loss was passed to Chang'an, and the palace was panicked. As soon as Tongguan lost, Changan was no longer dangerous, and Anlushan's troops would soon reach Changan. The next day, Yang Guozhong entered the palace and discussed the specific issues of Xuanzong West hunting. The preparation of Xuanzong's escape was being carried out secretly. General Longwu Chen Xuan was told to be the guard of this mountain bank. In the evening, Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan moved from Xingqing Palace to Daming Palace together. N
    On June 13th, the sky was bright, and Xuanzong took Yang Yuhuan, Gaolishi and some princes and concubines on the way to escape. Following the bureaucrats such as the prince Li Heng, the prime minister Yang Guozhong, the prime minister Yang Guozhong, and the Long Wujun led by the general Chen Xuanli, who served as the guard.
    Shortly after all the soldiers of Jincheng, East Palace eunuch Li Fuguo came to the prince Li Heng and conveyed the words of General Chen Xuanli of Long Wu: All the soldiers thought that the country was caused by this great difficulty. Thank you. The tense atmosphere suddenly shrouded the team, but Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan, who were sitting in the car, knew nothing.吃
    During dinner, the team arrived at the Majiu Station. Chen Xuanli's Guards wandered around, and a conspiracy was brewing. Yang Guozhong was too busy with sweating, and the officials and messengers of all countries were placed. More than 20 Tubo messengers stopped Yang Guozhong and asked the prime minister to call the grain to solve the problem of dinner. Suddenly, Chen Xuanli, who saw this situation, shouted immediately: "The prime minister and Hu Lu rebelled!" The shouting soldiers raised the sword to chase Yang Guozhong, Xiangfu Guardian and Jiading and Congguan blocking them separately. However, Yang Guozhong was killed by the sword that was swarmed before he ran away. His son Yang Yan was also killed. Tang Xuanzong and Yang Yuhuan, who were eating in the posting pavilion, heard the sound and running sounds outside, and an ominous hunch holding Xuanzong's heart tightly. He felt like a mutiny. At this time, someone reported that Prime Minister Yang Guozhong had been killed by the rebellious Long Wujun. Xuanzong was surprised when he heard the words. At this time, the soldiers of the rebellion had surrounded the post hall. General Long Wu Chen Xuanli said loudly: "Prime Minister Yang Guozhong's rebellion has been killed by the ministers, but the root of the scourge is still staying beside His Majesty. R n of course, Chen Xuanli referred to Xuanzong, of course, but he did not want to: "Yang Yuhuan in the deep palace, how do you know that the prime minister rebels, she is not guilty!"
    Xuanzong cried. After 40 years of the emperor Xuanzong, at this time, he could not control the situation in front of him. He was reluctant to beloved Yang Yuhuan, but the soldiers gathered, his face was full of murderous, and the situation was very urgent. Gao Lishi knew that if he did not agree to the request of the soldiers, Xuanzong's life would be difficult to preserve. Therefore, Gao Lishi said hurriedly: "Yang Yuhuan is indeed innocent. But Yang Guozhong is dead, Yang Yuhuan is still around His Majesty, how can the soldiers feel at ease. "
    The Yang Yuhuan understands that she can never escape the calamity. She stood up and said to Gao Lishi," Tell the soldiers, I am willing to die with the country! " Long resignation: "May Her Majesty treasure the Eucharist, try to find himself as much as possible. How many joyful time, he can't forget the vow of "wishing to be wing birds in the heavens and wishes in heaven, and he is willing to be a righteous branch". He wants to recover. His brain is blank, and everything seems to have solidified. The soldiers gathered, and in order to avoid the life of Xuanzong, Gao Lishi passed the mouth of Xuanzong "Xuanzong's death".
    The generals heard the words and cheered together: "Long live the emperor!"
    Xuanzong has cracked in five. As the master of a country, he is unable to save the one he loves. At this time, Xuanzong was no longer the nine -five -year -old Supreme, but just a ordinary Li Longji, a man who was unable to protect his wife. I knew today, why bother? If the lingering heart was able to govern the government in a little bit, it would not be able to end the tragic results today.
    Xuanzong sighed: "I wish the concubine can survive!" Said, waved his hand unable to wave, looked at Yang Yuhuan deeply, and then turned his back. After entering the Buddhist temple ritual Buddha, Gao Lishi brought Yang Yuhuan out, and under the pear tree of the Buddhist temple, he tied Bai Yan around her neck. Xu Xun, whispered: "The concubine is ascending!" Yang Yuhuan, who was only 38 years old in the age of 38, had a brief life.

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