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  1. Men's platinum ring
    is a symbol of men's taste. We know that ordinary men's platinum rings should be worn on their own ring finger when they are wedding rings, but not all men's platinum rings are like this. Let's let the following let it Su Diamond experts take us to understand the specific meaning of men wearing platinum rings!
    This Platinum Ring is very strange to wear on the thumb, so it is not recommended. The ring is worn on the index finger. It feels more personally advocated. It feels like a simple ring on the left or right fingers. The ring on the ring finger is usually a wedding ring,
    If you want to wear a men's platinum ring or two or more numbers on one hand at the same time Rings should pay attention to the proper thickness of the thickness, it is best to wear the number and position of both hands and positions. When wearing two rings on the same hand, the color should be consistent, and when one ring is complicated, the other must definitely Simple. In addition, it is best to choose two adjacent fingers, such as the middle finger and index finger, middle finger and ring finger or ring finger. Do not separate a "mountain".
    When a platinum ring, if you want to have more personal styles, you can consider matching the ring with the same material and the simpler lines on the other finger. If the material attribute of the ring can be matched with the watch, it is the best. For example, you. Wearing a cute flower ring, you can be equipped with a leather golden frame. If you do not have too many transformed watches or rings, you may wish to consider putting the hand and watches of the ring. Two uncoordinated accessories appear on the same hand.

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