1 thought on “What is the small piece of leather tag on the Coach bag?”

  1. The decoration is the brand’s logo.
    K Chi, born in 1941. Headquartered in New York. COACH是美国高端生活方式时尚品牌,为男士、女士提供精致配饰与礼品,产品系列包括女士手袋、男士包款、男士及女士小皮具、鞋履、服饰、手表、旅行用品、围巾、太阳眼镜、 Perfume, fashion jewelry, etc.
    Coach’s products are released worldwide through brand boutique stores, designated department stores, specialty stores and official websites.
    This in China
    The demand for luxury goods in the Chinese market is getting heating up. Even if the global luxury market is facing a decline in the global luxury market under the financial crisis in 2009, the desire to buy luxury goods for Chinese consumers has not diminished.
    The market research company Pao Principle’s research in the Chinese market in 2009 shows that about 90%of the Chinese rich people who have been interviewed have purchased brand -name handbags in the past year, and 2/3 men of men have And 1/3 women have bought brand -name watches in the past year. Coach naturally saw the potential of the Chinese market.
    So when the cost of cutting costs around the world at that time, Coach did not hesitate to buy back to the agent retail business from Hong Kong Junsi Group. Show the fists.

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