Where is the difference between the big Angkor and the little Angkor in Cambodia?

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  1. Cambodia is located in the southern Central South Peninsula in southeast Asia. East and southeast are bordering Vietnam, adjacent to Laos in the north, adjacent to Thailand in the west and northwest, and the Gulf of Thailand in the southwest. The Mekong River is the largest river in the territory, and the central plain accounts for about half of the total territorial area. Cambodia covers an area of ​​18,1035 square kilometers, with a population of 11.43 million, with more than 20 ethnic groups, of which 80 % of the Khmer people. Buddhism is a state religion. The official language of Cambodia is Khmer, French and English are also widely used. Cambodia's currency is Ryl.
    The special attractions

    Angkor monument
    is located in Siem Reap Province, about 240 kilometers from the capital of the capital. It is a symbol of the Cambodian nation and is known as one of the four miracles of the East. The existing Angkor monuments mainly include Angkor King City (Big Angkor) and Angkor Wat (little Angkor). From the 9th century to the 15th century, Angkor was the king of Angkor Wat and Cambodia. Angkor's monuments exist in more than 600 places and are distributed in a 45 -square -kilometer forest. Big Angkor and Little Angkor are the main components of it, including many exquisite pagodas and many stone carvings reliefs, which are spectacular. These stupas are made of huge stone barriers, and some stones weigh more than 8 tons. In 1992, the UNESCO World Heritage Commission listed the entire Angkor monument as the World Cultural Heritage.

    er Phnom Penh
    Prior to the 1970s, they were also called "Little Paris in Indochina". Although Hanoi and Saigon sometimes called themselves, it seems that only the brilliant Angkor Wat has created a glorious Angkor Wat Wat. Khmer civilization knows the true meaning of art and romance. The Donglisa River slowly flowed from the side of the Phnom Penh. Its upstream is Lake Donglisa. King Sihanouk once used all the beautiful words to thank it for raising Khmer civilization. The edge of the Donglisa River is the essence of Phnom Penh: the palace, the National Museum, and the high -end hotels in the era of the colonies. On the banks of the river, all the national flags established with Cambodia's countries with Cambodia were established between the flagpie of coconut trees. A country that gets out of war and suffering, how can it be eager to re -integrate into the world, which shows it.

    Makayama Temple
    This is a Hindu temple in Angkor's monuments. The modern name is "Cardamon Sanctuary", located in the south of the royal bath. Cardamom Temple was built in 19921 and was rebuilt by the French in the 19th century. The relief on the wall of the main tower depicts the Indian mythology of Vishu and the Dapeng golden -winged bird, and the relief on the West Tower wall depicts the auspicious sky of the concubine of Vishnu.

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