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  1. Gold jewelry occupies a very important position in people’s lives. Whether it is daily or as a wedding jewelry, it is a good choice. However, when we buy gold jewelry, we should choose suitable styles according to our own needs.

    Golden jewelry can be divided into three types: solid, hollow, hollowed out. In fact, each craft style of gold jewelry has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can make better and more suitable choices for these knowledge.

    It will introduce the characteristics of these three types of craftsmanship, so that when you choose gold jewelry, you can do it in your heart.

    1. Solid

    The solid gold jewelry is not easy to deform. The disadvantage is that the ductility is poor. It has a strong sense, so the style is relatively single, and often makes retro jewelry.

    The solid solid gold jewelry can only be made into gold bracelets. Although its volume and hollow jewelry look similar, the overall is heavy, so the price will be higher.

    is worth noting that when we choose gold bracelets, it is best to choose solid gold jewelry. In daily wear, it is not easy to deform and wear -resistant, and can save a lot of maintenance costs.

    2. Hatant

    The gold jewelry of this type is mainly 3D hard gold, and mostly designed as a round and square three -dimensional style. It is loved by many people, but the weight is light when we weighing.

    . At the same time, the hollow gold jewelry is easy to deform during wearing, because there is no object support inside it. Once an accident occurs, such as being impacted by hard objects and suffering from great pressure, it will deform. This is what we need to pay more attention.

    So, except for 3D hard gold with high hardness, other types of hollow gold jewelry, please buy it carefully. After all, once damaged, most of them cannot be repaired.

    3. Hollow

    The gold jewelry of hollowed out class is exquisite and unique. At the same price, people can buy better bracelets or pendants. Therefore, many women like this style and think it has a fashionable atmosphere.

    The gold jewelry of this type, its patterns and shapes are complicated, resulting in too few overall support points, and long -term wearing is easily squeezed and bumps.

    It long -term hollow gold exposed to the air for a long time, it is very easy to accumulate ash to produce bacteria. Not only is it easy to affect the beauty of jewelry, but in severe cases, it will also affect the health of the body. Therefore, after we bought this gold jewelry, we should clean it from time to time to keep it tidy. Do not pay attention to the maintenance of it because of fear of trouble.

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