1 thought on “Is the gold -plated jewelry, is it real gold or just gold outside?”

  1. Gold plating jewelry is plated on the surface of other metal jewelry on the surface of the electroplating method. The color is similar to the real gold jewelry. The golden light is bright, and it is difficult to identify.

    The gold plating is divided into water plating and electroplating, but most of the jewelry products are mainly electroplated. Most of the factors with good domestic gold -plated technology are mostly in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The gold -plated jewelry has developed for several years. Sand gold jewelry, underwater gold jewelry, fire melting gold jewelry, and the popular local gold jewelry that have been popular in the past two years are actually gold -plated jewelry. The difference is that the materials used in the hair embryo are different. Relatively speaking, the materials that require high -end and color retention and lower damage to the human body are brass gold -plated jewelry. Bonatoplene gold -plated jewelry is made of brass materials to create a hair embryo, and the surface is plated in gold. The color of the jewelry is bright, and the color is longer!

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