5 thoughts on “What is the difference between surface gold content and surface gold content?”

  1. There is no difference.
    The surface and surface layer are non -professional terms, but the rhetoric methods of words are different.
    The gold and silver objects can achieve a certain purpose through electroplating or gold (genus) processes.
    1, surface and surface gold content.
    is an uncertain fuzzy language, which means two meanings of electroplating layers and golden layers.
    2, the electroplating layer and the golden layer both mean a level.
    The difference is:
    The electroplating layer is covered by electromagnetic coating to cover the object, but it is relatively weak coating. It means spraying, and it is easy to be wiped out.
    The golden layer of the golden layer is wrapped in millimeter -level thin plates to cover the object.
    So, whether it is electroplating or covered with gold, you can use "surface" or "surface" to describe gold coverage ~

  2. The surface is gold, and the literal understanding is right. It is the surface layer that can be detected. It can be plated up or gold. The general understanding of gold should be inlaid on the gold.

  3. Generally speaking, the surface refers to the material of the jewelry itself may not be gold, but it is just a layer of gold on the surface; the surface layer should be golden in itself, but the appearance should be other materials!

  4. What is the difference between surface gold content and surface gold content? Some surfaces have very low gold content, and some of the surface content is very high, which is the difference.

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