Sanshui Police received a special "gift" from elementary school students. Have you ever encountered a warm episode?

5 thoughts on “Sanshui Police received a special "gift" from elementary school students. Have you ever encountered a warm episode?

  1. In the cold winter day, everyone wants to drink a cup of hot milk tea or soy milk. On January 4, Sanshui Public Security received a special and warm gift. On this day, the public security staff was carried out early as usual. After duty work, maintain the traffic order at the intersection.
    The heart -warming episodes
    At this time, a people in a white down jacket were suddenly given to the auxiliary police two cups of hot soy milk. When I saw the auxiliary police on duty at the intersection, I felt very hard at the cold winter, so I woke up the soybeans in the morning to make soy milk for the uncle of the police, and told the police uncle to cheer for them. The bottle loaded with soymilk wrote the words "You have worked hard". Public security personnel felt strong warmth in this cold winter.
    The warm -hearted episode around me
    The child who is innocent and innocent can always detect the needs of the people around me and bring you warmth in my own way. I have been a primary school teacher for a while, and I have felt the warmth of the children. I remember that it was also a winter. In the cold winter, I frozen me a cold. After talking about two lessons, my throat became hoarse. Although my throat was dumb, the child's course continued, and I could only dumb. The throat is for the children to continue class. Unexpectedly, when I was in school in the afternoon, I found that a box of laryngeal slices were placed on the table. The water cups were also filled with hot water, and they felt particularly moved.
    I still remember that at that time, there were students who spontaneously sorted me the desk every day. My talk table was clean every day. Some students would find my home deliberately and go to school with me. The feeling of being surrounded by students is really good. Children who are naive, although they are young, they have understood how to do something for the people they like. It can always bring us a lot of movement. Probably this is the preciousness of the heart of Chizi.

  2. I have encountered it, because I am a traffic policeman, so I will also duty at the intersection at rainy days. A child gave me his umbrella, and I was particularly moved.

  3. I have encountered it. My sister is a teacher. During the winter vacation, the students did not see the teacher because of the long time, so I used her mother’s mobile phone to open a video with her. Moved, I also felt very warm.

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