Worth 520,000 gold, why disappear out of thin air after mailing?

5 thoughts on “Worth 520,000 gold, why disappear out of thin air after mailing?

  1. In today's fast -paced society, the express delivery industry is also developing rapidly. I believe that sending express delivery has become an indispensable project in everyone's daily life. The operation and promotion of online shopping has also made the express delivery industry develop rapidly. All kinds of express delivery, all kinds of different kinds, no one can think of it, some people use courier to mail gold, and the gold is still lost. On a Mr. Huang, Inner Mongolia. It is understood that the Inner Mongolia Mr. Huang opened a gold jewelry store, and the gold jewelry was transported to the outside world to polish and processed, so he used the courier to easily and quickly transport gold transportation. However Think that during this transportation, I lost a piece of gold weighing 1.4 kg worth of RMB 520,000. Fortunately, Mr. Huang was witty and knew that he had a valuable item for his transportation. When there is any problem with the express delivery, there will be about 250,000 yuan in pay compensation. The shipper also felt that things were wrong after receiving the courier for a long time, and Mr. Huang asked the courier after finding out the matter, but the courier asked three of them. Fortunately, there were specific information on the document. So the courier company could not be pushed off.
    In many negotiations, the courier company unilaterally pays Mr. Huang of RMB 400,000, and after finding the courier cargo, it will be returned. In response to the causes of this incident, many people have different opinions. First of all, there are many ways to get there during the express transportation process, so there may be many unimaginable problems in the middle.
    The guess is that the gold is too heavy, suffering from bumps during the express transportation, or accidentally lost during the clearing process, or rolling the roadside to cause the express delivery. Another conjecture is that there are criminals stole gold in the middle of the way, but these things have not been sophisticated. They can only have results after multiple investigations. Finally, I hope that Mr. Huang can retrieve his gold as soon as possible.

  2. It is not clear that according to the situation, the courier has not been mailed, and the courier does not seem to know it, suspected to be stolen. At present, SF has also called the police, and the police have also been involved in the investigation of the case. I have to say that the courier is really careless.

  3. As a valuable metal, gold may disappear after mail may be lost during the mailing process, or it may be taken away by the relevant staff during the transportation. Ask the police for help.

  4. It was the courier lost the courier part, because at that time it was picking up the door, and the on -site pickup was submitted to the courier who did not pack the packaging.

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