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  1. 1. The poems related to the gold
    1. Life must be happy, so that the golden bottle is to the moon. Naturally, my materials must be useful. ———— Tang. Li Bai
    2. Five flowers, Qianjin Qiu, Hu'er will change wine, selling all ancient sorrow with Er. ———— Tang. Li Bai
    3. Floating growing hate and entertaining is less. ——— Song. Song Qi
    4. The hardest to add more. Several sleep marks stayed with drunk sleeves. Yuanshan is not a song. ———— Song. Yan Jidao
    5. Yuanshan's eyebrows are long, thin willow waist. Spring breeze stands up, laughing thousands of gold. When returning to Fengcheng, he said with the green tower. Looking at the flowers of the Chuanchuan, it's not like a teacher. ———— Song. Yan Jidao
    6. Longmen, the quasi -proposed period is wrong, and the moth eyebrows were jealous. Thousands of money buying the same way, who complained about this love? Jun Mo Wu, Jun is not seen. The sorrow is the most bitter. ———— Song. Xin Qiji
    7. Longmen, the quasi -proposed period is wrong. The moth eyebrows were jealous. Thousands of money buying like an enlisting, who complained about this love?
    Jun Mo Wu. Jun is not seen, Yuhuan Feiyan is all dusty! Sorrow is the most bitter. After leaning on the danger, the sun was on, and the smoke willow was broken. ——— Song. Xin Qiji
    8. Xin Niang can sing and dance since childhood. The movement is all good. I taught the slave as shy, not afraid of Feiyan in the palm of the palm. Linglong embroidered fan flower Tibetan. Wanxiang Yinyun stepped. If Wang Sun proposed to give a thousand dollars, he only lived on the east of the painting building. ——— Song. Liu Yong
    9. Back to the snow, the dust is good. How many guests are inconvenient, and a generation of dance children can't do it. Star eyes Gu refer to the spirit. Luo Xiu's welcoming section is small. And now growing up lazy and mother -in -law, just smile. ———— Song. Liu Yong
    10. March and the wind are full of forests. The peony is charming. The annoying weather is spring. Turn back to my red face and pay for the rosewood heart. The affection must be deep. ———— Song. Yan Shu
    11. Thousands of new buying Emperor Qingluo. The most unsatisfactory is more affectionate. Several tear marks stayed with drunk sleeves, and a spring sorrow was nearly horizontal. Yuanshan is not a song. ———— Song. Huang Tingjian
    12. Frost Night is sad. The oil lantern shop is dusk. The wine glass is deep. So people's hearts.
    The pedestrian pedestrians in Yangshan. Also sent offer. Generally don't say a lot of money. I will pass my little garden next year. Speaking now. ——— r r
    13. Very beautiful. The peony should be difficult to compare, and the wealthy begonia is hesitant. Must be careful and more phase. Rotten Xia's bleaching is sunny. Thousands of money did not pay for the real reward, and once looked at the broken intestine. ——— Song. Li Zhiyi
    14. Sorrowful eyebrow peaks. Weicheng sang light dust. Helpless two lines of red tears and wet scarves. Sad Wind Moon Nancheng Road. Several vertical Zhu Xi arrived. Will go to Luoyangchun next year. Also read the Huaishan Building, leaning on the people. ———— Song. Hezhu
    2. The verses described in the gold
    [1 sentence] The flash is not all gold. —— British writer, poet Shakespeare
    [Sentence 2] The war of war also used gold. ——Goro poet Ovid
    [3 sentences] The golden age is gone. ——Make Mark Twain
    [4th sentence] Hard work is far more valuable than gold. ——The Persian poet Sadi
    [5th sentence] Gold is not as good as a sage. ——The literati "Yilin"
    [Sentence 6] The shackles of gold are the heaviest. ——French writer Balzac
    [Seventh sentence] The gold chain is stronger than the iron chain. —— British historian Tuo Fuller
    [8th sentence] The kind heart is gold. —— British writer, poet Shakespeare
    [9th sentence] Gold is not enough, and white walls have slight flaws. ——The Southern Song Dynasty poet Dai Richelon "Ji Xing"
    [Sentence 10] 潋滟 Golden Wave, Tuan Luan Baiyu Pan. ——The Ming Dynasty literati He Jingming "Mingyue Chapter"
    [11th sentence] suffering is a gold that has fallen price. ——Proforga writer Gorky
    [12th sentence] Herods golden expensive, and the most valuable. ——The opera writer Shi Junbao
    [13th sentence] The gold retreating gold is lost, and the iron is shining. ——When the Ming Dynasty writer Ling Yingchu's "Surprise of the Case in the First Make Case · Transfer of Han Yu Qiao Dongting Red"
    [14th sentence] Plof fluttering golden golden gold, relatively clear sound. —— Song Li Shi "Chaozhong Tuo"
    [15 sentences] Getting gold is 100 pounds, it is better to get Jibu Yinuo. ——The Western Han Dynasty Sima Qian's "Historical Records of Jibu Luan City Biography"
    [16th sentence] Gold and wealth are the main source of war. ——The ancient Roman Taxi
    [17th sentence] Xiaoxiang Jiangtou March spring, wicker shakes gold. ——Tang Huangwen's "Xiangjiang"
    [18th sentence] Golden silk hanging powder wall heads, moving like crazy. ——The Tang Dynasty Yaohe's "Willow Zhi Ci"
    [19 sentences] Gold and white 璧 buy songs and laugh, drunk the month. ——The Tang Dynasty Li Bai's "Recalling the Old Tour to Send the Army of the Yuan Dynasty"
    [The 20th sentence] It is necessary to fight with the Western Wind, and when you wear it all over, you can wear golden armor. ——Di Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang's "Chrysanthemum Poetry"
    [21st sentence] Born without reading a half -line book, only buying gold is expensive. ——The Tang Dynasty Li He's "Mocile Boy"
    [22nd sentence] Thousands of gold is easy to get, and it is difficult to find a knowledge. ——The Cao Xueqin "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Dynasty
    [23rd sentence] Thousands of gold is easy to obtain, and it is difficult to find a knowledge. ——The Cao Xueqin "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Dynasty
    [24 sentences] Yanzhao North built the golden platform, and the Quartet Haojie came by the wind.
    [25th sentence] The world is only golden and expensive, regardless of the Tiangong buying teenagers. ——The Golden Mochi Yuan Yuan Hao asked
    [26th sentence] The world is only golden and expensive, regardless of the Tiangong buying teenagers. ——In Golden Mochi Yuan Yuan Yuan Hao asked
    [27th sentence] Gold can become a river, only frost. ——The Northern Song writer Su Shi
    [28th sentence] The golden age is in front of us instead of behind us. ——A American writer Mark Twain
    [29th sentence] With the value of life, I do n’t think it is expensive. ——In Ni Zhibing
    [30 sentences] Liuquan dried nestling blue trees, the willow wind is light, and the golden strands are exhibited. ——Fuchi South Tang Dynasty poet Feng Yanyi "Butterfly Love Flowers"
    [31st sentence] To make people convinced, a word is often more effective than gold. ——Gallic Greece Democyte
    [32nd sentence] The bird wings are golden, and this bird can never fly in the sky. ——The Indian poet
    [33rd sentence] If a person's life is deficient, he will leave the gold without buying a thing. ——The Persian Poet Sadi
    [34th sentence] When the golden era does not work, the golden age arrives. —— Jewish
    [35th sentence] Our heart is like an emotional mine, love is gold, hate is iron. ——Balzak, France, "Aunt Bei"
    [36th sentence] Guo Jusi is supplied, and the child is willing to save the mother. Golden sky is given, brilliance is cold. ——In Yuan Dynasty Guo Jujing's "Twenty -Four Filial Piety"
    [37th sentence] For gold, people do everything, huh, the cursed golden desire! -The ancient Roman Virgil n [38th sentence] Youth It is treasure, young people are gold; treasures must be tapped, and gold needs to be melted. ——Writer Zang Kejia
    [39th sentence] Sunday -the time scroll at a week of week is placed on the golden days of one place. —— The 19th century American romantic poet Lang Fero
    [40th sentence] East Emperor arrived at Jiangcheng at the beginning, and went diligently to welcome the Spring. Begging and golden belts, holding red purple. ——The Zhao Shixia
    3. About the poems of Jin
    It September 8th, I will kill it after blooming.
    Ittianxiang array through Chang'an, full of golden armor.
    Meng Haoran>
    This to smell the mountain bell at noon, starting with dispersion.
    In Lin Caizhi to go, turning the valley Song Cuizi.
    Is see the sperm house, and the corridor rice monk is completed.
    This flowing snow water, golden oranges.
    The bamboo house is thinking, and the end of the rest will last forever.
    It in the hole to see the stone marrow and pick honey by the cliff.
    The twilight resignation is far away, and Huxi is delivered.
    Liu Yuxi>
    Guiyangling, reunited high.
    The people are rare birds and beasts, far away.
    Prunning to move gold, knowing Yu Gewu.
    Cui Yan>
    Qu 飏, Qianxi fishing late flow. The geese flip the leaves, and the fish swims.
    Golden hanging Hunan pomelo, bead house folding the sea grenade. Fantastic cherishment, the Qingyue half of the west building.
    Gao Shi>
    Is when Handan was not married, Rong Hua Yi Cui people were unknown. Once you set out from the gentleman,
    will be stubbornly. At the time of the road, there was no hardship, and Jun Fang You Jun from Chen Ru.
    The lying lying in the spring, the color pavilion resignation is a few summer. In March, the crowds were not slept, and
    The cage couple Nan Mo. Dao Fengxing didn't know each other, and he gave him gold to buy a teenager.
    The family husband and husband have a long time, and vowed to stay with him. May the words and deeds be affectionate,
    The heart is in the population. The twilight silkworm hunger returned, and brought the cage to the court.
    The hard work of hard work, you can rely on the Jun En. Wen said that pedestrians have stopped, and
    The is always giving gold. Looking at each other's colors, what is it?
    has never been doubtful, and he will meet directly for Jun. How to have love at hand,
    The vowing Gu En ignored his body and went to Hejin this day.
    Mo Dao has always been unsatisfactory, so he wants to leave rules to command future generations.
    Thisy clouds, flying stars to hate, silver Han dull. When Jinfeng Yulu met, it was countless but countless. The tenderness is like water, and the good period is like a dream. If the two feelings are long and long, how can it be in the dharma!
    4. --- Liu Yuxi
    The white horse is decorated with golden restraint and northwest. --- Cao Zhi
    The double-gold Bai Lian less people know, even if I know the monarchy. --- Bai Juyi
    The white gold is replaced with green pine trees. --- Bai Juyi
    gold is full of money, and the use of capital is often suffering. --- Ruan Ji
    The people Yuller took the horse, the maid Jin Panjian carp. --- Wang Wei
    This in Huangsha wears golden armor. Do not break the Loulan and do not pay it back! --- Wang Changling
    Yushen kitchen is sent by the golden cup. --- Cen Shen
    The child's material will be useful, and the money is scattered. --- Li Bai
    The tubes of golden buns are ten thousand, Yupanzhen is ashamed of 10,000 yuan. --- Li Bai
    5. The famous saying and verses of the time of time
    1. Time is the space for human development. —— Marx 2. Time can cure all trauma. But for diligence, it is a variable. —— Rebako 4. On the big clock of time, there are only two words -now. Shakespeare 5. Doing big things, the vision should be seen, the power needs to be used, the power needs to be used. In the present. —— West Dine 6. The way to complete the work is to cherish every minute. —— Darwin 7. There are endless interest every moment; inadequate days, Franklin 8. Mo Shi Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo. Degree, even if you lose everything, you still have the future. —— Wang Erde's "Book Jane" 9. Victory is often successful in the last five minutes of persistence. - Newton 10. The person who abandons time will abandon him. . —— Shakespeare 11. The young man is not worked hard, the boss is sad. —— The ancient poem "Aoi in the Qingqing Garden" 12. The deceased is like a husband. The teenager's head, empty sadness. —— Yue Fei "Man Jiang Hong" 14. Those who are too dazzling, although they can't learn from time to learn. —— Liu An's "Huainanzi" 15. The age of age is similar, and people are different years old. —— —— Liu Xiyi "White Head Yin" 16. What time is her husband's life; Anneng 蹀躞 蹀躞 — — —— —— Bao Zhao "Difficulty of the Road" 17. The difficulty of things, not in the size, be in the time of knowing. Spring and Autumn "18. Shi times no longer come again. —— Sima Qian's" Historical Records "19. Strong and idle is lost. —— Guan Zhong's" Tube · Situation "20. The sage is not expensive. - Liu An's ancient poem "Huainanzi": Youzhuang does not work hard, the boss is sad. ("Long Song Xing") The year will not come again, it is difficult to make a day in the morning. Encourage people in time, and the years do not treat others. ") Persuading Jun Mo to cherish the golden coat, and persuade the king to take the young man. There are flowers that can be folded and must be folded. What is it, when will this be? Tomorrow tomorrow, how many tomorrow. I will wait for tomorrow, and everything will be.
    6. Yue Fei's poems of the golden soldiers.
    [Manjiang Hong · Angry Full of the Crown] (Southern Song · Yue Fei) Angry the crown, with the column, Xiaoxiao Rain. With the soil, the eight thousand miles of road clouds and the moon. Mo and other teenagers, empty and sad! Jingkang shame, still snow. When the courtiers hate, when the long car is driving, break through the Helan Mountains. , Laughing and drinking the blood of the Xiongnu. When the old mountains and rivers are cleaned from the beginning, the old mountains and rivers. Fenglou Long Pavilion. In front of Wanshi Mountain, Pearl Cuiring, Penghu Hall Sheng song. Today, iron riding is full of suburbs, wind and dust. . He asked the brigade to Ti Rui, and he crossed the Qingheluo in one whip.
    7. Golden verses
    It Xiaoxiang Jiangtou March spring, wicker shakes gold. ——Tang Huangwen's "Xiangjiang"
    The golden silk hanging powder wall head, moving like crazy. ——The Tang Dynasty Yaohe's "Willow Stanker"
    Golden white and white 璧 bought songs and laughed, drunk and fledged the prince. ——The Li Bai's "Recalling the Old Journey to the County to participate in the army"
    This must fight with the West Wind, and when you wear it all over, you can wear golden armor. ——Di Ming Dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang's "Chrysanthemum Poetry"
    This does not read half -line books, only buying gold is expensive. ——The Tang Dynasty Li He's "Mocile Boy"
    Thousands of gold is easy to get, and it is difficult to find a knowledge. ——The Cao Xueqin "Dream of Red Mansions" in the Qing Dynasty
    The people in the world are only golden and expensive, and do not ask Tiangong to buy teenagers. ——The Golden Mochi Yuanyuan asked
    The is only golden and expensive on earth, regardless of Tiangong buying teenagers. ——In Golden Mochi Yuan Yuan Yuan Hao Qi
    The gold can become a river, only frost. ——Sun Song writer Su Shi

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