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  1. 1 The blindfold painting all the trainees covered the eyes with eye masks, and then distributed paper and pen. Each person. It is required to paint their homes or other specified things on the paper. After the completion, let the trainees take off the eye mask to appreciate their masterpieces.

    Ne everyone to write their names on the other side of the paper before wearing an eye mask. After they completed the picture, hung all the pictures on the wall, and let the students choose the painting they draw from them.

    The teacher describes something like a language, letting the students draw what they hear with their eyes, and then compare the pictures they draw and think about it. What the drawing is different, what about work? (Teaching aid: eye mask, paper, pen)

    2 guessing facial features

    1, face -to -face

    2, randomly start with one person first, point yourself at yourself, point yourself at yourself, point yourself at yourself, point yourself, point yourself, point yourself, point to yourself. Anyone in the five senses, ask the other party: "Where is this?"

    3, the other party must answer the questioner's question in a short time, for example Wherever, the companion must say: This is the nose. At the same time, his companion's hands must point to any other features other than his nose.

    In evening interactive game

    This clock
    game rules:
    1, draw a large clock model on the whiteboard or wall, respect the scale of the clock respectively The logo is out;
    2, find three people to play the second hand, minute hand, and hour hand, holding three sticks of different lengths or other props (the pointer representing the clock) in front It is back to the whiteboard or wall, and the player cannot see the clock model);
    3, the host says any moment, for example, it is now 3 hours, 45 minutes and 15 seconds. The props of the pointer point to the correct position, indicate that the person with an error or a slow person is punished
    4, which can be repeatedly played multiple times. One person can also play the clock with the clock at the same time to train the performer's judgment and response ability.
    1. The game is very suitable for the rest time of the party or training courses, which can activate the atmosphere.
    2, this game can also be quoted in the "Time Management" course, and at the same time, you can train people's reaction ability.

    This guessing facial features
    game description:
    1, face -to -face
    2, randomly start with one person first, point to any part of his facial features, and ask the other party: " Where is this? "
    3, the other party must answer the questioner's question in a short period of time. For example, if the other party pointed at his nose and asked where it was, his companion had to say: This is the nose. At the same time, his companion's hands must point to any other features other than his nose.
    4. If any party has an error in the process, it will be punished; after three questions, the two sides will exchange;
    n n: No
    : Two people
    Methods: The order is "Hunter, Bear, Gun". The hunter's movement is his hands on your hips; the bear's movement is to put his hands on his chest; the movement of the gun is a pistol -like with both hands. The two sides judged the winning or losing. The hunter wins the gun, the gun wins the bear, and the bear wins the hunter.
    Excited point: The fun of this game lies in the actions of both parties, very funny
    Disadvantages: Just the game of two people
    games 2. Lucky big white shark n R n: Two people
    Methods: The structure of the lucky big white shark is very simple, but it is fun to play. The method is to open the mouth of the big white shark, and then press its lower teeth. Only one in these teeth will affect the shark mouth and close it. If you press this one, the shark mouth will suddenly close, and the shark mouth will suddenly close. Bite your fingers. Of course, shark teeth are made of soft plastic and will not bite you.
    It you can use it on the wine table as a gambling wine, and several people take turns to move, if you are bitten by a shark to punish wine.
    Excited point: Suitable for boys and girls to play together, which is more thrilling for timid girls.
    Disadvantages: First of all, you have to buy a "Great White Shark", although the price is not expensive

    game 3, officers and soldiers catch thieves
    Four pieces of four pieces of paper with the words "catch and thief"
    : 4 people
    Methods: Fold the four pieces of paper, and the four people participating in the game are drawn out. According to the other three people's facial expressions or other details, they guess who took the word "thief", guess the wrong punishment, and those who guess the word "official" decide how to punish. implement.
    Excited point: simple and easy, restrictions on time and place occasion
    Disadvantages: The number of people is not easy.

    otia 4. Shooting seven orces
    Ifoons: No
    people Number of people: Unlimited
    Method: Multi-person participation, report from 1-99 When the number of "7" or "7" is not allowed, the number is not allowed, and the rear head of a person should be photographed, and the next person will continue to count. If someone wrongs or shoots the wrong person, he will be punished.
    Excited point: No one will not make mistakes, although it is a very simple arithmetic.
    Disadvantages: no

    game 5. Heart disease
    people Number of people: the better Everyone on the table is distributed on average, but cannot see the cards in the hands of themselves and others. Then use the people on the wine table as the order, arranged according to the number of people. For example, there are 5 people on the wine table, which can be compiled to 1-5 serial number. If the person's card is the same as his own serial number, then everyone's hand is to shoot the card, you can shoot his hands, and the person who shoots finally is a loser.
    Excited point: Very exciting, often a mess of everyone's hands.
    Disadvantages, unfavorable to the table

    games 6. Driving the train
    : No
    people. Everyone says a place name that represents themselves. But the location cannot be repeated. After the game starts, assuming you are from Beijing, and the other person is from Shanghai, you have to say, "Drive and drive the train, the train in Beijing will drive." Everyone asked: "Where to drive?" You said: "Shanghai Kai". The person who represents Shanghai immediately reacted and said, "The train in Shanghai is about to drive." Then everyone asked: "Where do you drive?" Then this person chose another game object and said, "To somewhere somewhere Open. "If the other party hesitated a little, he lost without responding.
    Excited point: It can enhance people's feelings, and can use the opportunity to let him or her "drive the train" to express their affection and eyebrows.
    Disadvantages: No

    This Cup Cup Passing Water
    If: Enhance the sense of intimacy and test members' cooperation and collaboration ability.
    Requirements: Eight groups of personnel are selected, and men and women alternately cooperate. A total of 16 employees were selected to play in the two groups at the same time. Another two personnel assisted the first person in the auxiliary group poured water to the paper cups, and they were passed to the next person's paper cup. The water in the last person's paper cup poured into a small tank. In minutes, whoever wins the most water in the tank.

    The blind back
    Ip: communication and cooperation ability, active atmosphere
    game rules: choose six employees on the spot, three men and three women, boys back girls, boys as "blind", boys With the scarf, the girls were dressed as "mules", guiding the road for the "blind", bypassing the barricade, reaching the end, the earliest reaching, to win. Among them, the roadblock settings can be placed in a chair, which must be bypass; steaming the ball, must be stepped on; flowers must be picked up and handed them to girls.

    This Step ball
    T: Active atmosphere, enhance coordination and collaborative ability.
    Requirements: Ten people, half of men and women, one group of men and one woman, a group of five groups.
    Step: Ten employees were selected on the spot, half of the men and women, one man and one woman, and tied three to four ball balls on the left and right feet. If you do not break, or break the least, you will win.

    This of water transportation (48 people in total)
    1, players: 6 men and women in each team, a total of 12 people in each team, divided into three groups to relay, each group must be equipped with 2 men and 2 women;
    2, competition process:
    1) Preparatory: The first group of the first team members of each group placed the right side of the first group player; each group of 4 collaborative players was ended with a pot of water;
    2) Referee referee The announcement of the "start", the first team of the teams quickly extended their feet into the pedal foot, respectively, the right hand -end collaboration team members handed over the water basin, and the left shoulder of the former player was put on the left hand (except the first player in the front). Line;
    3) At the end, pour the water in the basin into the bucket of the team, and return to the original road according to the original way;
    4) Return to the starting point, the team members leave the pedal, the basin intersection of the water basin, Fighting water;
    5) The next group starts;
    6) In the last ten seconds, the referee started the referee to go to the referee: ten, nine, eight. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence 1. Stop (ringon)!
    3, rules:
    1) The competition time is 10 minutes, and the number of water transportation is determined;
    2) Water can be performed by the collaborative player, but the collaborative players must be players. Any assistance;
    3) In addition to the assistance of my or other members of the group, other personnel cannot provide any assistance;
    4) You can leave the pedal when pouring the water; At this time, you can use your hand to help turn around, but the location should be roughly comparable to before the turn;
    6) 2 men and 2 women, the position of the male and female players does not restrict the front and rear pedal;
    7) Falling the ground halfway can be put on the pedal again. Continue to move forward;
    8) If a team still has time after the third group is completed, they can continue by any four players of the 12 players (still need 2 men and 2 women), until the referee will end in 10 minutes. Gongs;
    4, reward: Reward the first place, other teams won encouragement awards
    5, props: 4 pairs of pedals; 9 large plastic barrels (of which 4 empty buckets were put in the end, 4 were filled with water full of water Put the point, set aside at the starting point for 1 full of water); 16 small plastic pots; one medium plastic barrel (add water for spare); one stopwatch, one drum; Relay (16 people in total)
    1, players: 2 men and women each team;
    2, competition process:
    1) Preparatory: flatten one next to the first player; two The collaborative players raised a bucket of water each (at this time they could not be hung on the burden); a collaborative player took a red silk to prepare;
    2) The referee announced "Beginning", the team members of the team with Red Silk quickly reddrew the red red. Silk around the waist of the first player and tighten it (requiring the water to pick a few circles to turn the red silk to the end tightly), pick up the flat burden and provoke the water to set off;
    3) Pass the bridge over the bridge ;
    4) At the end, pour the water into the bucket of the team, and return to the original road (you can not go to the bridge when you return, but you need to pick up the bucket); After unbuttoning the red silk tied to the waist, hand over a team member until the fourth player;
    6) In the last ten seconds, the referee began the counters: ten, nine, eight. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence 1. Stop (ringon)!
    3, rules:
    1) 10 minutes, the nickname of how much water is transported;
    2) The order of the players is: the first player male, the second player female, the third team member Male, the fourth team member, if there is still time after the first round is completed, the order of men and women in the first round must continue to relay, until 10 minutes to end the referee to collect the gongs;
    3) Water and tied silk can The collaborative players are performed, but the collaborative players must be the team member, and the non -players cannot provide any assistance;
    4) The team members will not fall when they cross the bridge, otherwise they need to re -enter the bridge from the bridge head;
    5) Fall the ground midway to the ground. You can continue after climbing; if the water is fell after falling, you can return to the starting point and re -the water;
    4, reward: the first place in the reward, other teams are encouraged by the encouragement
    5, props: Little small: Little! One bridge (pre -installed); 4 flat -sharing; 8 small plastic buckets; 9 large plastic barrels (of which 4 empty barrels are set at the end, 4 are filled with water with water, 1 is filled with water at the starting point at the starting point at the starting point. For preparation); one medium plastic barrel (add water for spare); one stopwatch, one drum; one side of the gong; 4 red silk (5 meters long each).

    In order to allow everyone to have a cheerful night, after careful planning, the game program is intended to arrange the game program on the bonfire party:

    1, lyrics of lyrics The song of a song sings the lyrics of another song, and sings well.

    2, idiom connection dragon
    The idiom according to the specified word, the first idiom of the first idiom is the first word of the second idiom, and keep it on. Which group uses the least word to connect The first word to return to the first idiom is victory.

    3. Singing and picking the wrong
    The singer will deliberately change some of the lyrics of a song after the lyrics of a song will be sang to see who can pick out the wrong place in time and sing the correct lyrics, The more corrected number of times wins.

    4, jumping bamboo pole dance
    The four groups took turns jump together, and they were eliminated to eliminate the feet.

    5, the two -person top balloon relay
    The two people can only run from one end to the other with a balloon with a balloon on the face.

    6. Use a specified expression, tune and emotional interpretation of a specified song, and sing well.

    7, big watermelon, small watermelon, drinking beer
    . The same group of people in the same group, starting from the first person, shouting "Big Watermelon" while drawing small watermelon with hand The time when shouting "Little Watermelon" is better than scratching big watermelons. In this way, the wrong people are more deducted, and the final scores will win.

    8, drilling bamboo poles
    The group queue drilled through the bamboo pole, the hands cannot touch the ground, the body is drilled across the bamboo pole, and the bamboo pole is eliminated. The lowest set of victory.

    Welcome everyone to mention more valuable opinions. If there are wonderful programs, we can also recommend it to the organizers. Our purpose is to make everyone happy and full of fun.

    The people are backup the new year gift and put them in a large carton (the theme promotional paper is pasted outside); each person comes up to draw gifts, knows the owner of the gift to each other, and embraces the blessing of the New Year. The more people, the better the effect-the envelope of the leader wraps the 1200 yuan is doped; the accidental surprise is produced.

    It do it every year, I feel the atmosphere is enthusiastic, and the new and old colleague has a close one Opportunities, when coordinating with each other in the coming year, it is obviously closer than ordinary people.

    to imitate the TV show, then give a card, explain it alone, explain, A person guessed, although simple, but the effect is good. The key is to see what you write on the latter brand. Often a good question will achieve unexpected results.

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